What They Said, Vol. 4

Monday, December 9, 2013

Discussing St. Nicholas Day...

Me:  And when you wake up in the morning, St. Nicholas will have put chocolate coins in your shoes!
John Paul, skeptically:  St. Nicholas...  Lives in heaven.  You will put chocolate coins in my shoes.

He got me...


John Paul, finding a giant bag of sour patch kids in my purse:  What's this, Mom?
Me, desperately trying to think of a satisfying explanation without lying, because I don't want to share:  That's...  Something I forgot to hide from you?
John Paul:  *puts it back in my purse*

Seriously, that worked?


Me, holding a St. Nicholas rubber duck:  Ohhhh Saint Nicholas duck...
Cecilia:  Um, pwobabwy St. Nicholas wasn't a duck...

She's pwobabwy wight...


John Paul, eyeing Cecilia's dessert:  May I please have a bite of your candy cane?
Cecilia:  Oh, I'm sure you may!

John Paul:  *goes in for a bite*
Cecilia:  Dat's so niiiice!  Mom, Jesus wikes it when we share our dessert!

And then I died of the sugary sweetness of that exchange...


Me, loading the kids into the car after the funeral on Saturday:  You guys did SUCH a good job!  I bet Grandma was proud, and I bet Granddaddy was proud, too!
Cecilia, matter-of-factly:  Um, Gwanddaddy died.  We put him in a box.
JP:  Yeah, a BLACK box!

Glad they're so torn up about it :P


  1. Love Cecilia's pigtails! And yes, that was awfully sweet. But hey, they weren't trying to get anything out of you, so it isn't like it's a 1950s sitcom or anything, right?

    Anybody who follows me on FB has seen the following exchange, so if you did, stop reading now!

    My husband's family loves children, and nobody has any illusions about how they behave. Therefore, I'm pretty sure that my husband laughed at the following interchange in the columbarium, when we were preparing to put his ashes to rest:
    John Paul: Where is Grandaddy?
    Cecilia (loudly): He died!

  2. The zombie picture of C is quite inspiring. Nap? Plague? Either way, it made me laugh.

    Condolences again. The kids are a leaven in such difficult times.

    1. I know, I totally caught her at the wrong moment! But the eyes were too hilarious to delete the picture :P

      And the kids are helping so much - their humor makes it bearable :)

  3. Need to put together a post but a great recent one: I had just finished one of our Christmas books with the line "I am the baby that slept on the hay" when Liam said: "Babies don't sleep on hay" Lisbeth "Baby Jesus did because God said it was okay"

    Well, it's a start.

  4. Those two are hilarious!! How are you doing, Rosie? I'm praying for you.

  5. Haha, John Paul! Too smart for his own good.

    And just because I don't want to make a separate entry and it's inappropriate funeral comments...

    My Irish grandmother (RK) and grandfather (SL) met at her brother (MK) and his sister's (EL) wedding. Well, my great-aunt died first, and a few years later, so did my grandfather. So my grandmother and great-uncle are sitting next to each other at the reception when someone comes up, nudges them, and guffaws, "Looks like the Kennys outlast the Logans!"


    1. OY! Common sense, folks! That's ridiculous :P

  6. Your children are so awesome!

    I hope that you are holding up all right. Your family is in my prayers.

  7. You sure can't get anything by those two. Glad there was a little humor in the Hill household this week.

  8. Oh my gosh. How sweet of them to share! (pun not intended!) Moments like that help make up for the crappy ones, right?

    Hope you're hanging in there. I'm still keeping you in my prayers!

  9. My challenge this week was explaining to my two year old that Jesus is sleeping on hay in the manger, and not fries.

    We also had this exchange at dinner a few days ago:
    Daughter: Cake?
    Me: No cake today.
    Daughter (turns to look at dad): Hi Burak (my husband's name). Cake please?

    1. I mean, it could totally look like the thin-cut French fries :P

  10. They get funnier every week. And Cecilia's hair is cuter every week.

    Hope you guys are all hanging in there! I've been thinking of you all & sending up prayers!

  11. Your kids....awesome. I wish I would write down the funny things my kids say...I need to start! (yeah...My oldest is 12......)


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