What They Said, Vol. 3

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cecilia, on the potty:  Wook, it's a poop party!
Me:  ...Are you ready to be wiped?
Cecilia, holding her pinky:  Um, I'm just getting my pinky off.
Me:  ...Why does your pinky need to come off?
Cecilia:  Because God made me!
Me:  Ohhhh...
Cecilia:  Why did God make me?
Me:  Um...  Because he wanted everyone in the world to know how funny you are?

Probably as good a reason as any...


Cecilia, "reading" her children's bible by narrating the pictures:  And den Jesus hugged da cwoss...  And den Mawwy was cwyin!  And da superhero soldier (the Centurion) hurted Jesus!  And Jesus was dead!  And den de angels came and da wadies saw dem and Jesus was awive!!!


Me:  Cecilia, do you want to know something sad?
Cecilia:  Mmhmm!
Me:  Cecilia, Granddaddy died.
Cecilia:  Why?
Me:  Well, because he was very sick and sometimes people have so much sickness that God decides it's time for them to die.
Cecilia:  Oh...  And den we get a new Granddaddy?
Me:  No, not always...  That's not really how it works...
Cecilia:  Can we pway Magic School Bus tomorrow?  I can be Dorothy Ann!  Does she wear silly jammies wike me?  Can we pway Magic School Bus today?
Me:  Sure, Cecilia...  Are you sad that Granddaddy died?
Cecilia:  Um, no.  *extremely excitedly*  Because he came to my birfday party!!!
Me:  Yes, he came to your birthday party in January...
Cecilia:  Um, sometimes...  Can we get a new Granddaddy?
Me:  No Cecilia, we can't.
Cecilia:  Diego can help us!  Wif his rescue pack!!!

Not sure Diego deals with issues like that...


John Paul, to me:  Hi Great Grandmother!  You're a 27-year-old great grandmother!
Andrew:  That's impressive...
Me:  And who are you?
John Paul:  I'm Jesus.

Obviously...  Totally normal way of playing pretend...

John Paul, in the tent:  This is the Garden of Gethsemane.  We're pretending we're in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Cecilia:  And I'm Mawwy!!!
John Paul:  "It's midday.  The sun is not shining."
Cecilia, pulling at John Paul:  Jesus!  Get out of da car!!!


Cecilia, hugging Elizabeth during Mass:  Hi Baby Jesus!  You're so cute!
John Paul:  We have a one-year-old Baby Jesus!  She just had a birthday!

Glad she's been promoted to Baby Jesus, since last time she had to play Pontius Pilate...  Mary Claire, on the other hand, has been assigned the role of a cat in the nativity.

Jesus' latest trick, you know...




  1. Ha...yes I think God did make Cecilia to make everyone laugh.

  2. Love the pic of JP in the hat, so handsome, and I love his totally normal way of playing pretend, ha!

    Praying for you all...

  3. One way I do Facebook is to read all the FB comments that I get on email, all of them at once. Then if I want to like or comment on them, I click on the "See Comment" button.

    I read the following comment, at first thinking that I needed to click on it and like it on FB because it was about Daddy. Then I kept reading and thought what the . . . ?

    Tracey wrote: "so sorry to hear this. you gave him a good home if only for a little while. I'm pretty sure he felt your love."

    Finally it clicked. She was talking about the death of a friend's horse! LOL!!!!

  4. Ok, now I'm completely convinced that if we lived in the same city Cecilia and Therese would be best friends!

  5. So cute. I love reading what your kids say, LOL


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