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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Weeell I was already going through old photos and quotes to put this together when Dwija announced her 2013 in 13 Photos link-up and it just fit so perfectly so...  I'm linking up my link-up.  Is that allowed?


From Safari


From How to Take Pictures of Kids

And my favorite quote from February (from this post):
JP, trying to get a mini keg of Newcastle off the counter:  Ohhh thaaaat's?
Me:  That's Dad's beer.  You don't want it.
JP:  Ohhhh I want it!
Me:  No, it's for grown-ups.  It kind of tastes like pee.
JP:  Ohhh I want pee! 
Me:  No you don't...
JP:  I like pee!  I want to drink beer that's made of pee!  I want to drink veggie beer. 

And now John Paul is reading this aloud while I type, so Cecilia is chanting, "I wike pee!  I wike pee!!!"

Reminds me of the time I told him brownies were poop...  "OH I WANT POOP!  I WANT A WITTLE PIECE OF POOP!  I WIKE POOP!!!"


What We Wore Easter Sunday

Oh man there were a lot of March quotes here, here, and here...  But I think the best was from this post:

Cecilia, loud and clear in the middle of the gospel:  "WHO HAD A FART???"
Me:  "Shhhh Cecilia, we whisper at Mass!"
Cecilia:  "Who had a fart?"
Me, resigned: "Who had a fart, Cecilia?"
Cecilia:  "I had a fart!!!"
Giggling twins from this post
Oh man this one was hard...  I had to pick two quotes from this post, because these were both pretty awesome:
JP, discussing contents of the bathroom cabinet:  Open up the cabinet and you'll find... a pregnancy test!!!"

Yup, signs you life in an NFP household...

Cecilia:  What's dat in da potty?
Me: ...That's your diarrhea.
C:  John Paul has wed diawea and I have purple diawea!  It's so beautiful!
C:  I WUV pink diawea!  It's my favowite!
C:  What got on my booty?
Me:  Still your diarrhea...
C:  It's so beautiful!!!

From this post

And my favorite quote is from this post:

"Last night the smoke alarm started going off so of COURSE Andrew had to start singing, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!"  to which John Paul responded, "The roof is on fire!  BECAUSE IT'S ALMOST PENTECOST SUNDAY!!!""

Although there were pretty amazing quotes here, here, and here too...


Photo of our new swing set from this post

Favorite quote from this post (more here):

After reading The Way of the Cross for children:Cecilia:  Who hurted Jesus?
Me:  The soldiers did.
Cecilia:  Dere's NO soldiers at our house!
Me:  That's right.  And what would you do to help Jesus when he's hurting?
Cecilia:  Um...  Say "What-a heck."  WHAT da HECK???

Picture and quote from this post:

Cecilia:  A dead bug.
Me:  Where do you see a dead bug?
Cecilia:  Um...  a dead bird.  In da water table!
this happened more than a month ago...
Me:   Yeah, but it's gone now (thank goodness)
Cecilia:  What did it say?
Me:  Umm...  Hi?
Cecilia:  *uncontrollable sobbing*
Me:  Um...  What do you think it said?
Cecilia: *sniffling* NUFFIN.  It's DEAD!!!

No, she's not dramatic at all.


Photo from this post

Quote from this post:
John Paul, out of nowhere:  When will I be canonized?
Me:  ...Um...  I don't know, John Paul...
JP:  In what year?

and later that day
JP:  Maybe I will be canonized in 2150!  And when will I become a bishop?
Me:  Well, I guess whenever the Pope makes you a bishop...
JP:  And how old will I be when I'm a seminarian?
Me:  ...Maybe 22 years old?

Babies in the tub!

Favorite quote from this post, more here:

Cecilia:  Mom, may I pweez come in da bafwoom?
Me, sitting down:  Well, you're already in here...
Cecilia:  You have a big booty, Mom.  Because?
Me:  Because I'm a grown up.
Cecilia:  And I have a wittle booty.  Because I'm a girl!
Me:  Yup.
Cecilia:  I want to see your poop!

From this post
Some quotes here, but my favorite is from this post:
JP:  Hello?  Dr. Murphy?
Me, being Dr. Murphy:  Yes John Paul?
JP:  Um, I pooped out the penny!
Me:  Wow, great job!
JP:  And do you know why we have a clock with popes on it?
Me:  No, can you tell me?
JP:  *long pause*  Um, I have to go.  *hangs up phone*
It's a Pope Pius clock, in case you're wondering.  12 Pope Piuses - it's always Pope Pius o'clock!
 The expressions say it all...
This was a pretty funny month - quotes here, here, and here and my favorite:
Cecilia, trying to tell me what underwear to wear in the morning:  No, wear your PINK underwear!
Me:  No, I'm going to wear this pair.
Cecilia:  NOT your beige underwear, I don't wike your beige underwear, wear your PINK underwear!
Me:  Cecilia, my pink underwear is dirty!
Cecilia:  What maked it dirty?
Me:  Well, when we wear our underwear for the day, it's dirty.
Cecilia:  Maybe you pooped in it a wittle?  Or peed in it?

She caught me.
Bonus picture from November:

More quotes here, here, and here, plus my favorite:
Cecilia, coming in while I'm nursing Mary Claire:  Oh, hi kitty!
John Paul:  She's not kitty!  We're playing Old Testament, and she's Judith!
Cecilia:  She's not Judas!  Dad is Judas!
John Paul:  No, JuDITH!
Cecilia:  No, KITTY!
Me:  No, Cecilia, he's saying Judittttthhhh, not Judas.
Cecilia:  Oh!  Hi Judif!


Cecilia:  And who am I in the Old Testament?
John Paul:  Oh, you're Ruth.  And Elizabeth is Esther. And Dad is Malachi.  Mom is Moses's mom and I'm Isaiah!!!
Aunt Sister:  Why don't we choose names where we're all in the same story?  So we could play...  Pentateuch!
Cecilia:  And I'm Roof!
John Paul:  NO!  We're playing Pentateuch!  Ruth is a Historical Book!!!
Okay, go check out more picture posts at Dwija's, and if you have any quotes to link up with me (especially if you want to do your own "Best Of" post!), do it below!


  1. Your children . . . ::sigh:: ::shakes head:: If I hadn't seen and heard some of this kind of thing myself, I wouldn't believe it.

  2. What a great year! Love all the quotes - your kiddos are darling.

  3. We are laughing so hard at these convos. So. HARD. (yes, my big girls are up waaaaaaay too late!)

  4. Your family looks like it belongs in vintage times. :) So beautiful. Happy New Year!

    ~ Country Girl's Daybook

  5. Ahahahahaahah! Thank you SO much for including the quotes with the photos. Made my night.

  6. Love it! (that is all, thank you)
    Happy New Year!

  7. Rosie, I'm catching up on your recent posts here and cracking up at this one! Especially at Cecilia's quotes!


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