What They Said, Vol. 6

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Cecilia, hugging me tightly:  Um, big girls don't get killed by emperors!
Me:  ...No, I guess they don't...
Cecilia:  Because their mamas pa-tect dem!

Someone may be a little too into the life of St. Nicholas...

Me, discussing John Paul's sour cream mixed with hot sauce:  It's like hot cream - do you think that's the opposite of ice cream?
rookie mistake...
Me:  Not tonight, but maybe for Christmas?
Cecilia, perhaps the most excited I have EVER heard her:  MAYBE WE'LL GET ICE CWEAM IN OUR STOCKINGS?!?!?!
Every grown-up at the dinner table:  No.

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a soggy stocking, that's what I always say.

My sister mentioned something about a guy we know named "Michael Brown."

John Paul:  What's a "micro brown?"
Me:  Um...  A very small brown thing?
John Paul:  And what's a...  micro...  orange?
Me:  ...A very small orange?
John Paul, raising his hands in the air, extremely proud of me:  YOU DID IT!  YOU GOT IT! 
Me:  ...Thanks?
John Paul, still ecstatic:  YOU GET A GOLD STAR!!!

Gotta love a little validation, you know?

Cecilia, eyeing her pizza crust: Oh baby... I'm going to eat you.  'Cause you're a dead baby.  And I turned you into bwead.

Normal.  Totally normal.

John Paul, climbing into a laundry basket:  I'm Baby Jesus!
Cecilia, clad in underwear with her "Mary Veil" covering her tummy:  Do you want a bwanket, Baby Jesus?
*covers him with a quilt, the pulls aside her veil to expose her stomach*
Cecilia:  And do you want to tickle my tummy, Baby Jesus???
John Paul:  No.

Bet you forgot about that part of the Christmas story!

John Paul, to a nursing Mary Claire: I have to tell you a baby secret. *whispering* If you push me, you'll get in trouble and get farted on!

Time to add your own link!  Although I have a feeling this week will be even lighter than others...  Anything goes - show us your funny!


  1. Michael says lots of things I find funny ... but they're still mostly two word phrases that I think you kind of have to "be there" for. Like in Mass he was making his monkey play "peekyboo," and telling the kids behind us "Monkey funny!"

    He's a pretty verbal kid though so hopefully I'll be able to participate in these link-ups soon. ;)

  2. I love Cecilia in pigtails! And the rest of the time, too. And these kids are sooooo funny!

  3. I don't have enough fodder for a whole post for the linkup, but I asked our three year old today what Christmas was all about and he answered "being quiet?".
    Umm...no, but I'll take that after a day at our (very loud!) house!


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