7 Quick Takes: Calendars, Freezer Cooking, Consignment Shopping

Friday, September 19, 2014


I Instagrammed this picture this morning:

Photo: It all makes sense why Lewis gave Eustace his name now, doesn't it?

Because hey, St. Eustace!  We just finished reading The Silver Chair so Eustace is fresh in our minds and I never knew that he was the patron saint against fire!  Makes SO much sense that Lewis named him that, considering the whole dragon thing, right?


And then I remembered how awesome our calendar is, so I wanted to toss the link to you in case you like calendars with awesome sacred art, traditional AND new feast days listed, and little fish on Fridays to remind you not to eat meat (and to remind you when Solemnities mean you CAN eat meat on a Friday!).  Soooo if you're looking for a calendar for 2015, check out the options here!


Then a friend of mine who works at Catholic Extension pointed me to THEIR 2015 calendars, which also look lovely, although not as detailed - apparently lots of parishes buy these to distribute to their parishioners for free, soooooo you should send the link to your pastor or whoever purchases those for your parish, because they look WAY better than the ones we get from the funeral home!


I had my 32 week appointment yesterday and baby is head down and doing awesome and ohhhh yeah, coming our way in like, 2 months!  Whoa!  I've been slowly preparing the freezer - right now I've got 4 jars of pesto and 8 jars of tomato sauce in there, and I just made a pot pie and a couple dozen cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip, because raisins are GROSS) to stick in the freezer this morning.  Oh, and a gallon of bone broth last week!

Edit: Make that 3 jars of pesto...  One of them was sacrificed for tonight's dinner because this lazy pregnant lady didn't want to go outside to harvest enough basil to make a fresh batch.

I've got a big long list of stuff to make to stock the freezer, but my major problem is making these things and not eating them right now...  And then I realized that I'm not exactly having twins again, so cooking once baby arrives probably won't be such a huge deal for the first few months because hi, baby wearing!  But it can't hurt, right?

Just in case you're curious, here's my pinterest board with ideas - we'll see how much of it actually happens.  Big long post with ideas to come soon!


We're reading Farmer Boy now and John Paul ADORES it, to the point where he continued reading it out loud to the girls when I had to stop to make lunch. Melt my heart, why don't you?

Do you see a glimpse of the playroom floor?  That's why I was able to get a pot pie and cookies made today ;)


Cecilia drew this picture of Andrew and I about died of the cuteness.  Then she drew another picture of him and told me that it was "Dad pooping" soooo that one I didn't take a picture of...

I love love LOVE the preschool stage, have I told you?  When they start getting super-creative and you just get to watch how it all unfolds?  John Paul decided HE wanted to draw a picture of Dad too, but then he got side-tracked and glued two pieces of paper together to make a "folder" and drew a picture of "Me as a teenager wearing a bandanna" on the front.  I don't even know, but I love it.


Tomorrow I'm headed to the HUGE fall consignment sale that my Mothers of Multiples group runs, and I'm pretty psyched.  The twins don't really need anything but leggings, since Cecilia has always been attired in way more than she could ever need and it's all getting handed down.  But Cecilia needs pretty much everything, and it is SO FUN to shop for little girls when everything is super-cheap.  John Paul needs pretty much everything too, but it's really hard to find boy stuff as they get older, so most of his will probably have to be bought new...

And then I remembered!  Baby!  November baby who is only getting hand-me-downs from a July baby!  He needs stuff, too!  Let's hope I can restrain myself once I'm confronted with all the adorable baby clothes...

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