Fall Finds and Clothing Budget Questions

Monday, September 29, 2014

We got a Lands' End catalog in the mail the other day and I took a second to flip through it during lunch and WOW, when did it stop being old lady clothes there?  Or am I just gravitating to old lady stuff now?

Anyway, tons of beautiful prints and lots that looks super post-partum friendly because it's not so fitted that I'd avoid it because of a lingering belly.  How beautiful are these tops?

Floral Boatneck Tee

Button Boatneck Top

Art Print Tee (on SUPER sale right now!)

Lace Front Top
I'm contemplating ordering a couple of these t-shirts for John Paul (Mars and T-Rex - he'd DIE of excitement!) and leggings for Cecilia, since we need sturdy girl leggings to last through the three of ours!  Any experience with Lands' End kids stuff?  Is it worth the price?

Their friends & family discount (25% off) ends today (and an extra 3% cash back through ebates), but they run sales so frequently that I'm not worried about missing out if I decide to get something.  And I know that long-sleeved tops are lacking in my wardrobe, and I'll need some in the winter & spring, it's just so hard to actually buy new stuff for myself when I feel like the money should be spent elsewhere!

What do you do when it comes to budgeting for clothing for yourself?  I feel like a lot of moms just...  Don't buy any clothes.  And I know I did that for quite a while, but I've been fortunate enough to get credit to Twice and ThredUP that I've been able to grow my wardrobe without spending much at all.  But eventually the credit runs out - how do you justify buying stuff for yourselves when the money needs to be spent so many other ways?

I'd love to hear your wisdom, and what you do in this situation - I know we really need to sit down and work out a *real* budget, but it's just never the most attractive use of our time once the kids are in bed!

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