The Search for the Perfect Fall Boot

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I adore a good pair of boots.  I think it's fairly obvious, given that I wear my trusty brown boots with basically every outfit come fall (and ACTUALLY every single cold weather outfit in this post!).  

But I got to thinking about the fact that my favorite boots have a not-insignificant heel (perfectly comfortable, but I haven't worn them far enough into pregnancy to trust them starting in the next couple of weeks!) AND are pull-on rather than zip-up, which makes getting them on rather difficult when my increasing girth makes it impossible to wear anything that requires *effort* to put on...

See?  They're perfect!  But too much effort right now for this mama...  And my current black boots are fading fast, not high enough to be worth wearing, and not good for inclement weather.

What am I looking for?

1. Leather.  Non-negotiable, every pair of non-leather boots I've ever owned has lasted one season at BEST.  Not cool.

2. Zipper closure. Because you better believe the kids love putting shoes on my feet, Cinderella-style, and I'm ALL about taking advantage of that once I reach 40 weeks!

3. Plain! I hate it when there are a trillion buckles, studs, and other random decorations that ruin the line.

So yeah, I got this morning's email from DSW and was drooling over these boots:

Leather! Minimal decoration! Low heel! 

But the price is a little steep for me...  

I think I might love this two-tone Bandolino pair, and the price is definitely more reasonable.  But do I actually like the two-tone feature?  Indecision!!!  They also come in solid, but I like the black/cognac better than plain black.

I adore this Cole Haan pair, but $200 for boots?  Not a price I have EVER paid, or ever will likely pay...  But ah, the perfection!

This Crown Vintage pair  is similar in price to the Ralph Lauren pair, and even more simple:

What would you do?  These boots are going to get seriously heavy use, so I want to put a lot of thought into it - do you have another go-to shoe store that you love?  Advice, please!

And yes, I did just write an entire post about boots...  Actual content to come some day, I promise - we're still in vacation recovery mode :)

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