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Monday, September 22, 2014

We're getting back into the swing of things around here, which for me means lots of books about fall!  We're gearing up to go apple picking, getting ready for our favorite fall festival, and getting as much done as possible before Mr. Baby decides to make his appearance in November.

I may have gone overboard on the books though - need some ideas to pick up from the library?  Here are some of our favorites!

Mr. Murry and Thumbkin

From the author of Bear Snores On (another one of our favorites), this one isn't just a fall tale, but the presence of a pumpkin throughout the book makes it fall-ish to me.  I love how fun it is to read (Karma Wilson is one of those children's authors whose books actually rhyme and scan in a satisfying way, which is refreshing!), and how both mice learn something by the end of the story.

Apple Cake: A Recipe for Love

We got this from the library last year and everybody loved it - it's short and sweet, and the pictures are beautiful!  The recipe at the end of the book is decent, and the kids adored making it together last year and are excited to make it again this year.

Secrets of the Seasons

Not strictly about fall, and a little on the nerdy side, but this explains the hows and whys behind why seasons change - John Paul LOVES it, and the other three really love the chickens throughout the book who explain everything.  I'd say this is more for the 5-and-up crowd.

Over and Over

This is one that you really should own.  One of my all-time favorites from childhood, the illustrations are absolutely beautiful and it goes through the year through the eyes of a child, in an abstract but chronological sense.  Again, not strictly a fall book, because it has its place throughout the whole year.

Tap the Magic Tree

Caitlin recommended this one and I knew the kids would adore it from her description!  It's an interactive book that takes a tree through the seasons, and the kids all absolutely love feeling like they're in control of the leaves changing, flowers growing, etc. Lovely pictures, simple to read, and easy for them to "read" to themselves when they're ready!

Leaf Man

I found this one so fun!  The kids asked to read it again 3 or 4 times immediately after we read it the first time, so I'd say it's a hit with them, too.  The illustrations are all made out of actual leaves, and it's neat to figure out what everything represents.  Everybody was out in the yard looking for their own leaf man this afternoon after we read the book several times, and I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of "projects" making leaves into various creations thanks to this book.

Apple Farmer Annie

Everybody loved this one as well - simple illustrations, simple story, with some recipes at the end that I promised the kids we'll be trying.  Elizabeth especially loves that there are so many puppies and kitties in the book!

Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic

I love the pictures in this one, although it was a little long for the littles...  Definitely for the 5-and-up crowd.  John Paul enjoyed it more than the girls, and I expect we'll be doing our own acrostic poems soon because he got a kick out of them.

Fall Mixed Up

I thought this one was silly, but it was a little over the kids' heads.  Probably more for the 6-and-up crowd? I had to explain a lot of what was funny, but they keep asking for it again so they certainly like the pictures.  A little bit of "Halloweeny" stuff that we don't really get into (vampires, ghosts), so I know there are some readers who would want to steer clear.

The Little Yellow Leaf

So pretty!  Short and sweet, with illustrations I could look at all day.  Really soothing, and a fun story for all ages.

Mouse's First Fall

Short, cute, the toddlers ADORE it.  One of those books that's easy enough to memorize so that you barely need to look at it when you're reading it for the 20th time...

Fandex Family Field Guides: Trees

If you're like me and couldn't identify a leaf if your life depended on it, this is a kind of awesome field guide to own - John Paul has memorized so many different types of trees and is better at identification than I am now!  And it's nice to have something concrete to be able to take on hikes so that I don't hear "Mom, could you look it up on your phone?" all the time...

What am I missing?  I feel like there must be so many more awesome Fall books out there - what are your favorites?

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