The Kids These Days {Photo Dump}

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's been forever since I did a general update post, so here's what life is like for each of the kids these days:

John Paul, age 5

- Has gotten REALLY into board games this summer, so he spends a lot of time in the basement setting things up and then getting upset when the twins ruin it all
- Learned to pump on the swing set and is SO happy to be able to go super-high all by himself!
- Adores jokes of all types.  Two of his favorites?

What do you get when you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?  Hot Cross Bunnies!


Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the poopy diaper!  (Yeah, he made that one up himself)

- Loves roughhousing with Andrew, and tries to get his sisters to wrestle with him but they rarely will...  Hopefully his baby brother will fill that need soon!
- Has crazy bedhead no matter what we do... 
- Likes to identify with antagonists in stories because he knows it's annoying :(
- Best frenemies with Cecilia - they hate being separated, but they fight ALL the time
- Has been "composing" a lot on the piano, which mostly means he records himself banging all over it, but has started being more thoughtful about the intervals he combines, and tries to pick out familiar melodies
- Likes dictating stories to me - mostly stream-of-consciousness with a lot of "AND SUDDENLY!" and "ALL OF A SUDDEN!"  Nothing happens gradually in the world of a 5-year-old.

Not a mullet, her hair just looked really weird at that moment...
 Cecilia, age 3.5

- Still changes her outfit at least once a day because she gets bored with what she's wearing
- Loves to pretend to be Mary, St. Therese, and St. Bernadette
- Tells me that when the new baby is born, she will hold him forever and maybe he would fall asleep in her arms!
- Told me her heart was a bone.  Yikes.  So we looked up some anatomy diagrams on my phone and now she wants to know EVERYTHING about her body!

- Still wants to be a mommy, a nun, a princess, and a REAL mermaid when she grows up (but also wants to be a kid forever and grow up in Heaven with Jesus, Aslan, Prince Caspian, and Mr. Tumnus.
- Is SO sensitive when she has to be corrected for bad behavior (which is rare) and usually starts crying as soon as you start using a stern tone of voice with her.
- Frequently thanks God for making her so beautiful and giving her golden hair.  Not the least bit vain, this one...
- Climbs like a monkey.

- Loves roping the twins into whatever crazy game she's come up with lately - mostly it's their most recent obsession with sliding into each other outside.  Everyone has many bruises and scrapes as a result, but they seem to be having a blast so I allow it...  Do you see the progression of their facial expressions in the pictures below?  It's hilarious.

Elizabeth, 22 months

- THE most exuberant child there has ever been.  She loves EVERYTHING and loves to make jokes.
- Favorite joke?  "Cupcake poop!!!" Yup, she made it up herself.
- Runs everywhere, and spends a lot of the day practicing her jumping and spinning.
- Is finally starting to have actual hair, but it's filling in slowly!
- Throws pretty epic tantrums, but gets over them quickly when she has to spend time in her crib.
- Loves getting tucked in with her baby blanket every nap and nighttime

- Lifts up my shirt and blows raspberries on "Baby Brudder" whenever she can
- Generally the more cautious of the twins, she only *just* started going down the slide facing forward instead of on her belly
- VERY picky about what she wears, so she usually gets her choice and Mary Claire gets whatever's left...
- Not even close to being potty trained
 - Adores her Dad above all other people!

Mary Claire, 22 months

- Still eats dirt pretty much every time we go outside
- Gets really excited about "Baby Brudder" every time she sees my belly
- Wants to be picked up ALL the time, and generally throws a fit whenever we refuse
- Usually prefers to eat the opposite of whatever Elizabeth likes, so they eat their meals and then I switch their plates so they can finish each others leftovers
- Seriously regressed in her potty training once we returned from vacation, so we're taking a break
- Talks. So. Much. Complete sentences, thoughtful conversations, tells me what she's pretending to be and what she's pretending to do - it's adorable!
- Sings so well!  Perfectly tuneful and clear, you'd never guess she was as young as she is.
- SUCH a daredevil. Goes down the slide as fast as she can and bumps triumphantly at the bottom every time.
- Keeps trying to shove her way into Cecilia's reading lessons - she's a little smarty, but I don't want to let her try to learn because I know Cecilia will be upset if she learns first!
- Loves to talk about all the Little House characters as if she knows them personally
- Still looks almost EXACTLY like Cecilia when she was that age

So there you have it!  I'm sure my mom enjoyed this post a lot ;)

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