Palm Sunday Style

Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm gonna hammer out this post real quick just because I have the pictures and otherwise I'll never post it...

Red. Palm Sunday. Exhausted. SO MUCH HAIR!!! If I'm on the ball, I'll get it chopped off this week - remind me to call for an appointment, would you?

Out of focus. But I'm posting it anyway because Cecilia. This is the face she is ALWAYS making at Peter and he adores her SO much.

Good face, Mary Claire.

Anyway, I left the twins at home because I knew trying to get them to sit through the entire Passion with palms to rip apart was NOT going to go well. John Paul and Cecilia did great, although John Paul got a liiiittle too enthusiastic with the whole "PROPHESY!!!" part...  

They very excitedly showed Father their palm crosses after Mass. "I hope you didn't make those during the homily!" He said.

Guilty. But in my defense, that's when they started poking each other in the face with them, so I took them and made crosses for each real quick and they were good as gold the rest of Mass!

In other news, Holy Week might be a good time to declutter this here Little Oratory, eh?

Plaid pants. This is why little boys are the best :) Peter has several seersucker outfits from which to choose for Easter Sunday (how did we accumulate so many??? I blame the whole first time parent thing...), the girls have matching dresses, John Paul is in need of something spiffy ("Oh, I'll just wear my Christmas bow tie!!!") because he's wearing the same suit he wore for Christmas...  I purchased fabric for a skirt but we'll see if I get it made! 

I'm just really, really excited for Easter. We all are, I think. It's been a really good Lent, although I remembered the other day that the reason I didn't give up TV for Lent last year (and I gave it up this year) was that I didn't get any chores done the last time I did that - the only way I can convince myself to do all the dishes or fold all the laundry is if I have something to watch... And when I give up TV, I read a LOT of books, which means no multitasking. So next year, remind me not to give up TV again!

One more thing before I sign off for Holy Week - a friend suggested this devotion in particular for parents of small children who aren't able to attend Triduum liturgies (I know I can never go to much of anything because of constant nursing babies, and because Andrew's always doing music stuff so we can't even switch off!). It goes from 6 PM Holy Thursday to 6 PM Good Friday, and has Scripture verses and prayers for every hour (including overnight). 

I'm thinking I'll probably do it for as much of the overnight hours as I can - sleep deprivation is making me a terribly horribly grumpy and mean person these days, so I can't make my family suffer by adding extra night wakings to my schedule! But in case you're in the same boat as me, I think this would be a great way to take something extra on :)

Okay, I've already written for longer than I meant to tonight... See you on Easter!

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