Mother's Day Ideas... For Procrastinators!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's Thursday. Mother's Day is on Sunday. If you haven't gotten your mom a present/bought yourself a present to tell your husband to give to you/dropped copious hints by now... Well, you're probably me. BUT if you just happen to procrastinate the way I do... Here are some ideas!

A Vacuum

Hear me out... We've had this one for YEARS, but after being dropped one too many times, parts of it have fallen off and the charging cord is falling apart. I'd like to upgrade to this one, which has a more powerful motor and a lithium battery that should hold charge a little better. But in any case, a hand vacuum is a HUGELY useful thing and is far more enjoyable to use than lugging around our ginormous regular vacuum!

So yeah, I'm kind of hoping for a shiny new vacuum...


This is AWESOME for new moms, especially - I upgraded to the Paperwhite and having the ability to customize the lighting on the screen is clutch. There's only so much scrolling a mom can do on the smart phone before she feels like her brain will turn to mush, and *real* books can get tricky to read one-handed while nursing a baby... Plus heaven forbid you have a distracted nurser who spends the entire time trying to kick a book out of your hands, or wakes up every time you turn a page! Kindle totally solves that problem!


It's obvious and cliche, of course... Who wouldn't want a manicure/pedicure/hair cut/massage/whatever floats your boat? The key here is making the appointment for mom or at least setting aside a specific time and essentially forcing her to do it! I've asked for a pedicure for I don't even know how many Mother's Days, and Andrew is happy to oblige. But then I'd have to find a time when I'm not too exhausted to leave the house, and I'd have to make an appointment to ensure I'm not sitting around waiting while a baby screams at home, needing to nurse, and I'd have to resign myself to spending that money that I could buy something more permanent with... So I just never do it.

Like when I complained about needing to get a hair cut for MONTHS and never did anything about it... But when Andrew said, "I'm taking this day off, make an appointment for a hair cut, the baby will be fine, just go!" I finally actually got my hair cut!



Stitch Fix

I'm the last one on the internet to try Stitch Fix, but it's another good outside-the-box idea - Mom works with a stylist to send her clothes to try out, buys what she likes, sends everything else back. I'm trying it for the first time next week and I'm so excited! And if I decide to buy anything? Well, Happy Mother's Day to me!

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