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Monday, May 11, 2015

Star Wars Day (May 4th - get it? May the FORTH be with you?) - John Paul said he made this face because he was feeling confused.

They've been teaching me about all the things they can reach that they couldn't last week... This time it was the whiteboard markers. I heard them say, "We're havin' a sleepover! We're paintin' our nails!" and knew something was going wrong, but I was getting Peter down for a nap and they were leaving me alone, so I figured it couldn't be *that* b ad...

And really, it could've been MUCH worse. It could've been Sharpie (and it WAS Sharpie for a second later in the week - Mary Claire's big toe is now black until it comes off on its own).

Mary Claire is OBSESSED with babies right now, so it's convenient that she has one to play with all the time! Unfortunately, she wants to play with him when he's sleeping, so naps haven't been frequent or long.

We used to use bibs. They never worked. Stripping babies seems to be a lot more effective at keeping stains out of clothing!
Mom blog alert! Peter's almost 6 months, I happened to have some ripe avocado, and he was going to have a bath last night anyway, so he got his first taste of solid food!

He. Loved. It. 

John Paul and Cecilia HATED their first tastes of solid food (avocado and peach, respectively), and we put it off for a while longer with the twins (who had flank steak and adored it), so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Baby-led weaning for the win! Normally he sits in Andrew's lap trying to grab at his food and whining, but he was SO happy for the entirety of the meal, and the big kids were happy to retrieve the spoon whenever he dropped it.

Yes, that's pencil on the wall behind him. I've given up - the whole upstairs needs to be painted with paint that is NOT matte, and every time I clean it it strips the paint off the walls!

And that high chair? Going strong since John Paul was a baby! It's awesome because it has a booster seat included, so now Peter's starting to take over the high chair that Mary Claire's been using, and if we decide she's not allowed on the bench at the table, we can put the booster on one of the chairs.

Sunday ice cream for everyone! Very little ice cream, lots of sprinkles, happy kids!

Dress: Forever 21
Top: J.Crew Factory via ThredUP (similar for only $24.50! and 20% off right now, so actually only $20!)
Cecilia's grumpy face: I don't even know - she ASKED to be in the picture!
I had plans for what I was going to wear, but it would have required ironing so I grabbed this dress, which is desperately in need of being hemmed now that I'm not pregnant... It was fine with heels for Mass and I tied it up the rest of the day, but I still kept stepping on it and my shoulders were killing me by the end of the day! So I should probably put it on my sewing table and find the energy to hem it soon...

Throwback to last summer when I was pregnant! Gotta love non-maternity clothes that work awesome for maternity, too!
And in case you were wondering, I DID get a vacuum for Mother's Day! (We needed it anyway, but still!) It's awesome and I've used it a TON, which solidifies my status as lamest person on the planet. But hey, it's not like it's a competition?

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