Rolling Babies, Outdoor Sleepovers, and Kids in the Kitchen {PHFR}

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm apparently in link-up only blogging mode right now... I know you'll forgive me, because if it weren't for these link-ups I probably wouldn't be blogging at ALL! Gardening, kamikaze toddlers, and clingy babies tend to keep me away from the computer, but everybody is either sleeping or otherwise occupied right now so let's try this!


Ranunculus is one of my favorite flowers - these graced my kitchen windowsill for a week after a local blogging conference (which is still on my list of things to blog about! Maybe tomorrow!), reminding me to pray for the lovely arranger of the flowers and just keeping me happy all week when I glimpsed them :)


I kept bragging on this baby, who is my latest roller of the bunch - I was basking in the wonder that is an immobile nearly 6-month-old when... He started rolling over reliably :(

Ah, the difference between the first baby and the fifth baby... I couldn't WAIT for John Paul to roll/crawl/walk, etc. And Peter? Stay put, kid! I don't want to have to start vacuuming 3x a day!!!


The girls have been taking an old quilt up to the "clubhouse" part of the swing set and playing "sleepover" and it's the most hilarious game because they have NO clue what a sleepover actually is. They just lie down under the quilt and snuggle each other, then start screaming when they see a bug. So basically like a real sleepover?


I've been putting off doing the last experiment in the kids' latest science experiment kit, because it's just baking bread and we do that all the time anyway...

But John Paul decided to start proofing the yeast and got out all the ingredients anyway, so I kind of had no choice...

They made raisin rolls together - John Paul's had the raisins inside, making them "treasure rolls" which excited him to no end every time he bit into one and found a raisin! 

Even though he was the one who hid them in there.

Cecilia happily shared hers with the twins - John Paul's are on the left (the ones that look like actual rolls), the last of Cecilia's (a caterpillar) on the right.  She also made an inchworm, a wipe, and a wash cloth. So... Creativity?

They ate them happily for afternoon snack and the next day for lunch - I thought they tasted kind of like grocery store hamburger buns, but they loved them!

Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter for {pretty, happy, funny, real} - happy Ascension Thursday!

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