What I Wore Sunday: Green & Teal

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I had Elizabeth, John Paul, and Cecilia with me today for Mass. John Paul kindly chose the 2nd pew from the front for us, which might as well have been the front since there was nobody in front of us...

Cecilia was SO happy to be able to see well! Elizabeth was MUCH quieter than the last time I took her to Mass, although she squirmed all over the place and kept trying to climb into the front pew. John Paul didn't say the priest's part *too* loudly during the consecration... And Cecilia didn't scream when John Paul took her place on the way back from Communion!

So, all in all? A fairly non-mortifying experience!

Here's what I wore, although I'm not sure how I feel about it looking at the pictures... Honestly, I think I just need to figure out the proper height for the camera, and then maybe I won't hate all the pictures so much!

Dress: eShakti (but I would NOT recommend it - the buttons keep coming off and they never responded when I contacted them about it!) (similar, similar
Shoes: DSW (old, similar)
Petticoat: Amazon (only $16 right now!)

The twins were chasing each other around this tree in our yard earlier and I couldn't NOT snap a picture of the adorable sneakiness!

And Mary Claire has apparently watched me take too many pictures of myself, since she decided SHE needed to pose for her own photo shoot. Those chubby legs! 

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