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Monday, May 18, 2015

This is the best picture I got of What I Wore Sunday - I got too hot in it and changed in the afternoon! But I had to get ready for some special guests we ended up having for a cookout that evening.  Think you can guess who?

We had a nice big picnic table set up and the adults (and John Paul) all chose to crowd around the tiny card table! I blame the kids...

Figured it out yet?

The Tierneys came all the way from California just to see me and Mary!

Okay fine, they were here on vacation and we convinced them to come hang out in my backyard for a cookout...

And yes, I'm that short.

Anyway, I barely got to talk with any adults, but had a blast watching the kids together - Elizabeth and Frankie invented a hilarious game that involved dumping water on their shirts, and Frankie demonstrated his superior 3-year-old balancing skills.

He also had a deep confession for me... "Sometimes... I have accidents. I forget to brush my teeth. Actually, a LOT of times I forget to brush my teeth..."

And while I didn't get to sit down much, what with chasing children and keeping Mary Claire from eating dirt, it was SO refreshing to see a family with big kids where the parents could actually sit and drink wine without having to deal with constant meltdowns! 

And the big kids are responsible enough to man the hot glue gun when the little kids are doing crafts!

Our day is coming. I know it.

John Paul told me his favorite Tierney is Jack. Because Jack loves science, just like him.

"Did you talk to him about science?"
"Hmm? No."


So there you have it - the Tierney-Lenaburg-Hill gathering! We're coming for you in California, Tierneys!

Well, maybe in ten years... 

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