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Friday, May 29, 2015


I may have hit a blogging groove!

Well, okay, probably not... But I'm blogging for the fourth time this week!  So if you only check in via Kelly's link-up, here's what you've missed:

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Spring Style Thoughts - In which I take a bunch of dressing room selfies at Old Navy
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My Number One Parenting Tip - this one ended up getting a TON of views, so clearly I should blog more about parenting because I'm a total expert! #sarcasm
And I linked up with Blessed is She for a writing prompt On Finding Joy


Whew. That's a lot. Sorry.


I'll just photo dump a bit to make up for it:

I asked John Paul to play with Peter while I got the twins to bed, and returned to see him reading to the baby and trying to teach him how to crawl.

It was adorable. And he still only goes backwards, but he can pivot too so he's all over the place!

But mostly under the couch, and seeking out various tasty bits of lint from the floor.


Andrew took John Paul out on Monday morning, so I gave the girls the FASTEST mani-pedis ever.

Some of the polish is still on their fingers and toes, and it's adorable and they love it!

I just love their chubby little fingers :)

I came upstairs after getting Peter to bed and found everyone crowded around Andrew on the couch while he drew various things. I think my favorite part is the fact that the twins were very seriously reading John Paul's chess book.

We got it for 50 cents at the library used book sale and he is OBSESSED. Too bad we don't have a chess set...


Gratuitous baby pictures:

Grilled chicken & homemade pita as dinner options and he chose... The bowl.  Actually, once he dropped the bowl on the floor he LOVED the chicken and the pita and stayed in the high chair for like, 30 minutes just sucking on them!
Overalls. Cutest.


Have you listened to Amy & Michelle's new podcast, Little House Mothering? I'm so excited! And waiting for them to interview me on my homemaking expertise, like how to keep a toddler from pulling all the seedlings out of the garden (spray her with the hose) and how to keep twins from taking off their underwear to "wash" it in the water table (never let them go outside/never let them wear clothes).

Parenting. Nailed it.

Linking up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes! Happy Weekend!

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