WIWS: Coral & Polka Dots

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I. Love. Spring. And I love this coral skirt - it's one of my absolute favorite items in my closet! I got this shirt off of Twice right after Peter was born because it looked nursing-friendly, and it's perfect - drapey enough to do a half tuck with a pencil skirt, long enough for booty coverage, button-down for easy access.

On reviewing this outfit, I'm not a big fan of the combination - love the pieces separately, but the shirt is a little too blousy tucked like this to work with a full skirt. Ah well, live and learn!

John Paul's facial expression? Yeah, that's him in a nutshell these days. We got to Mass and he chose a pew second from the front, right next to a single man in his 40s. I suggested moving to the empty pew behind him, but he sat 5 feet away from that man for the entirety of Mass while Cecilia, Elizabeth and I sat behind.

It was really awkward. But not worth making a fuss and having to deal with the fallout... And actually it was good practice, because eventually we'd like him to be able to go to Mass with Andrew also (or instead of with me, except he generally wants to go to as much Mass as possible so it'll probably always be also). But he'd have to be able to hold his own in a pew while Andrew's up directing the choir, so probably not until he's a little older.

Yesterday I was privileged to spend time with some awesome ladies at a local blogging conference - it was such a fun time! Getting to meet some of these people in person whose blogs I've been following for ages (like Lisa and Laura, my Catholic Mom Blog fashion inspiration!) just felt so *right* and it was wonderful to have that fellowship (and a day away from the older kids!).

I might write a longer recap if I get the chance, but if not... This basically sums up Peter's opinion - he spent the entire time grinning and flirting with all the ladies!

Jamie, Me, Cristina, Abbey, Lisa, Nicole, and Julie (and all our babies!)
And of course, there were babies aplenty!

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