Lenten Links {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, January 29, 2016

Lent! It's coming!!! And because blogging is how I organize my life and plan ahead, I'm sharing my planning with you in order to get my rear in gear!



This list of meatless meals (with plenty of links!) is one of my top posts every Lent (and is great for reference throughout the year) - I updated it a bit this year, so check it out if you need ideas. What are your go-to recipes?



Here's what we did last year - I especially liked the craft stick prayers, and if you're going to order a grapevine wreath, do it now so you have it in time! Our screen time isn't nearly as plentiful as it was last year, so we'll see what we do there I *do* want to find our Holy Heroes CDs and maybe order some more and let the kids start listening to the lives of the Saints again. 

And maybe we can try a family rosary again? These rosary roses from Annery's Handmade are so sweet they make me think the girls would be begging to pray!


I'm torn when it comes to hot cross buns... So delicious, but so... Not penitential for Good Friday? What do you do? I know it's tradition, but there's gotta be a more appropriate time to make something sweet and delicious, right?


Last year I ran this series with guest posts and it was fabulous! If you're looking for some simple ways to involve your kids in living Lent with crafts, check these out!


Prayer & Spiritual Reading

As for personal devotions, I've got two I'm excited for this year - Elizabeth Foss has an ebook bundle complete with daily devotions for only $15 (or her whole Restore workshop for $49 - my affiliate link is here if you want to click through!), and Nell and friends have written another Lectio Divina-style devotional for Lent. I have such a tough time with spiritual reading but these writers really resonate with me.

I might need Katrina's new morning offering print in my Easter basket. Maybe that'll finally get me to start saying it every day!


What to wear

And last, just to be a little bit frivolous... Do you kind of love dressing to match the liturgical season? Me too. Here are some of my favorite purple items for sale right now - just click the picture to get to the item:


Thanks for reading! Head on over to Kelly's at This Ain't the Lyceum for more takes!

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