45/52: Gingko Grove

Friday, November 17, 2017

Is it weird how much my kids love gingkos? They REALLY love them. It started back at our old house - our neighbors had one lone gingko tree that would drop all its leaves in our yard, and the kids would run out and pick them up excitedly, playing with them and making fans out of them. 

Last year I discovered that our local arboretum has a huge grove full of gingko trees, and when the leaves all turn it's a totally yellow wonderland! The kids ADORE it, and run around playing hide and seek as long as I'll let them. We drove through a couple weeks ago when the trees were in peak color and were planning on going back last week, but it suddenly got VERY cold and I didn't want to drive that far to deal with constant whining as soon as we left the car...

So we saved it for this week, and the leaves all blew down over the weekend! It made a really cool carpet effect, though, and I even brought along the big camera to try to get some good pictures. They let me take a few before it was time to put the camera away and have fun. Then various children decided they were cold (because they didn't bother bringing coats or wearing pants... Still working on weather-appropriate attire, because butterfly wings are not the same as a coat.) and had to run to the car to put on whatever they could find (a fleece pullover as pants, for example).

Eventually it degenerated into screaming fits right when I was chatting with another mom - Mary Claire had taken off her hat, so Peter put it on. Who knew that would be the end of the world?? We headed home.

(Oh, and those top pictures? Mary Claire didn't want to sit on the bench because she wanted to be "a floating head." Obviously.)

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