My Sunday Best, Volume 81: Gearing up for Black Friday

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happy Sunday! Somehow it's already almost Thanksgiving... How is November almost over?

As usual, Edith is the cutest, the little stinker. She kept doing her best to distract everyone around us by talking nonstop, but she was mostly fairly quiet about it until the homily! Then she spent a while in the lobby crawling around/between other people's legs and waving to as many people as she could, getting excited if they actually waved back.

Argyle tights for the win, am I right?

She was NOT having fun with the pictures, though - this was right when she tried to fling herself out of my arms.


We're getting close to being done with our Christmas shopping, but there are a few more things I'm planning on picking up but waiting for sales. I'm keeping track of them in this post, if you'd like to click through any of my affiliate links below. Here's what we're looking forward to:

Shining Light Dolls will be 20% off on their website and on Amazon - the kids love these!

I've heard Etsy will be running some sort of Cyber Monday promotion? Here are some great shops to try!

Amazon will likely have a high-value book coupon, so keep an eye out for that (Update: Use code GIFTBOOK17 for $5 a $20+ book purchase)! May I recommend one of these or one of these? Usually it's only for Prime members, I think? So if you're not already a Prime member, now would be a really good time to sign up for a free trial!

Amazon will also be running toy deals throughout the day - here are some of our favorite musical toys & nerdy kid toys! I'm betting Magformers will be on sale periodically throughout the weekend, so keep an eye out for good deals. I'm hoping we can find a good deal on a marble run like this one that John Paul DESPERATELY wants.

Update: This scooter is only $18 in red, and Peter's balance bike is on sale for $45! These hopper balls are also SUPER-fun for getting energy out!

Kindles will almost definitely be on sale - a Kindle Fire (Update: Only $30!) + Bluetooth speaker is an easy way to listen to audiobooks and music. You can get an Audible membership (there might be a promo there too!) or just shop sales and buy audio books for your collection - the Audible app is free and organizes your books for you! Here are some awesome audio book deals that will be good through the 27th! Update: Yup, Kindles on sale! I love my Paperwhite, but a regular Kindle is only $50!

Instant Pot. Of course. (Do I need to write a post about how awesome it is and what we use ours for? Seriously, such a game changer!) Update: The 8qt is only $82, down from $130!

H&M has been running deals for the past few days as a lead-up to their Black Friday sale, so I've been checking on their offerings and stocking up on basics for the kids. Their "Conscious" line is especially good, and you can get free shipping with pretty low minimums. This would be perfect for a makeshift St. Lucy crown!

ModCloth will likely have some pretty good deals, as well! (Update: ModCloth closed their site for Black Friday! So choose to support them on a different day, because that's pretty nice!)

Gymboree and Crazy 8 have been having excellent sales leading up to this week, so I imagine they'll really blow those out of the water on Black Friday!

Lilla Rose Hair Accessories up to 50% off (I sell these and LOVE them!) - the site can be really slow and the sale starts at 10 PM PST on Thanksgiving, so if you're not able to get on right away just give it some time.

And remember to click through Ebates to get a nice chunk of cash back through many sites! Usually they'll have bigger bonuses Black Friday through Cyber Monday, and right now you get $10 cash back just for signing up. This is legit, I've used it for years and it's saved me a lot of money!

I'll keep updating here when I find more deals so you can check back on Friday!

Your turn!

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