Friday, November 24, 2017

46/52: Thanksgiving Prep

We spent several days baking pies and generally prepping for Thanksgiving, which was a HUGE help because it really seemed like there was so little to do on the actual day! The kids all helped my sister make cranberry sauce, and on Thanksgiving itself, John Paul made the corn, stuffing, AND green bean casserole. In 5-10 years I can probably hand over the reins, right?

I told Cecilia (who has been making paper snowflakes...) that I needed her to make Thanksgiving decorations, so she made this sweet little turkey all on her own. WAY more artistic talent than I have, that's for sure!

Edith has begun the very important skill of "putting things in," which makes her VERY proud because obviously everyone applauds this skill. If only the tendency towards order were one of those skills that actually sticks around... Maybe one of these days I'll end up with a child who likes being neat!

(PS If you're looking for Black Friday deals, I rounded up a bunch in this post and am trying to keep it updated!)
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