43/52: Pumpkin Carving & Cute Costumes

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Well hello there! We got through Hallowtide none the worse for the wear! For the third (?) year in a row, I managed to completely avoid carving pumpkins - seriously, grab yourself a couple clearance carving kits while you can, because those things make it SO easy for kids to carve their pumpkins without any adult help or supervision! It's amazing. I haven't had to touch any pumpkin guts, and it kept the kids out of my hair for ages! 

Not that anyone actually comes to our house to trick or treat... Nor do we go anywhere to trick or treat... I'm not a Halloween crank, but I can only make ONE holiday happen well, so I choose All Saints Day. We had friends over for chili, candy, and a bonfire on All Hallows Eve and then went to Mass and the homeschool All Saints party at church the next day - MOST of the kids wore the same costumes, but some of them had last-minute changes (I'm looking at you, St. Isidore the Farmer for THREE YEARS RUNNING, and Little Miss "I decided I'd like to be Our Lady of Guadalupe even though the party starts in three hours so LET'S START CUTTING OUT PAPER STARS!!")...

(Just in case you're looking for dress-up costumes for Christmas, some affiliate links: Peter's is available here, John Paul's here, and the girls' dresses were all clearance from this site - VERY pleased especially with Peter's, he absolutely adores it, and the girls love their dresses as well!)

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