Edith, Age 1

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Happy birthday to our sweet Edith! 

At one year old, Edith is not quite walking but has taken two whole steps on her own. She likes to fake us out by standing for long periods of time, squatting, then standing back up before... Slowly squatting again so she can crawl. She loves apples, mostly so that she can chew them up and then spit them out. She REALLY loves cheez-its, pretzel sticks, and graham crackers, but mostly when she can steal them from kids who are snacking on them. If she could be outside all day long, she'd be in heaven. Edith loves board books, but only the fancy ones with nice thick covers and pages that are a little easier to turn. The other ones mostly just taste delicious.

She still naps twice a day most days, nurses whenever I'll let her, and sleeps atrociously at night. Screams bloody murder in the bathtub, and knows how to tantrum like nobody's business when Dad makes her spit out the trash she found on the floor. What can I say? She's advanced.

We had a very exciting day including a trip to the playground (where she filled her shoes with wood chips), two good naps on Edith's part, and a visit to IHOP for dinner (because kids eat free on Tuesdays). She was VERY pleased with the few presents we got her -- a book, a doll, and a little chick finger puppet from my mom (which all the other kids keep stealing because they LOVE it).

When we got home from dinner, I whipped up (ha!) some whipped cream to frost her cake. She wasn't sure what to think of at first, but made quite a thorough mess of herself (down to her feet!) and probably ate more of her piece of cake than most of the other kids. Actually maybe not, now I'm remembering how much she threw on the floor... Also, she's wearing a diaper in these pictures, don't worry!

My favorite part of her birthday was probably her sweet little dance in her high chair while we sang to her. I wasn't expecting her to sway back and forth so adorably the whole time! Okay, baby, you can have a birthday every day!

Happy Birthday Edith! We love you!

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