Monday, November 7, 2011

A few things

1.  Cecilia keeps crawling up the stairs (our little set of 3) and then around on the floor in the kitchen/dining room.   When she's done, she seems to be trying to trick herself into figuring out how to go down without getting backwards - she finds a toy and crawls over, getting down on her belly, and drops it onto the top stair.  I haven't let her get any farther than this, I'm honestly not sure what she would do!

2.   John Paul, reading the title of a book:

"Jesus is... or good shepwed."

Me: " Jesus is OUR good shepherd."
JP: "OR good shepWED."

Me: "OUR good shephERD."

JP: "Jesus is our good... Cat."

Apparently that solves THAT.

3.  John Paul has been listening to "Wee Sing America" for the past couple of weeks.  Apparently this has turned him VERY patriotic.  Sitting in his chair, eating snack, he all of a sudden proclaimed, "Amewica FOWEVER!"  And then, in a very encouraging voice, "Yeah!"
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