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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I've been using this new website for a few months, although I haven't bought anything off of it yet.  It's a pretty genius idea. 

Say you're looking for a long black skirt - what's your course of action?

Before StyleFind, I would check out my go-to clothing websites, click around to find all their skirts, and be annoyed when they didn't have what I was looking for.  I'd probably get through 12 or 15 websites, taking way longer than I wanted and probably wasting an entire naptime when I could have been doing something useful (let's face it, John Paul and Cecilia's naptimes collide so infrequently, I better use that hour or so for something AWESOME!).  Failing my task, I'd resort to Google, where I'd probably be inundated with a whole bunch of ads or websites that don't have what I'm looking for at all.

Enter StyleFind!

Just enter what you're looking for - "Long black skirt" or "Striped dress" - and it'll scour TONS of websites and bring you back sortable results.

It's not infallible.  I searched for a skirt and the lowest-priced items were a bunch of pairs of black underwear...  A few of the links were dead, too - items were on sale last season, but aren't available anymore.  But it's such a great idea!  I was introduced to a whole bunch of stores I'd never heard of.  And what a timesaver!

If they can figure out a way to keep it more up-to-date and add more categories (children's clothes?  Hmm...) I think it'll go a long way.  And apparently if you click the link above, it'll give you some great deals you might not otherwise receive! 

I registered for the site through - check it out!

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