A hand-me-down

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pretty early on in my pregnancy with Cecilia, I started buying things for John Paul that I knew could be repurposed with a girl, just in case.

John Paul, Fall 2010

Here's one of my favorite gender-neutral sweaters - an argyle cardigan!  It's got adorable little elbow patches, and since it was sold in the boys' section, I don't feel bad recycling it for a little girl.

Cecilia, Fall 2011

We'll ignore the size difference - it's a 12-18 month sweater on a 9-month-old.  Roll up the cuffs, and we're good!  And over a gingham dress with a peter pan collar and mary janes, who's gonna mistake this kid for a boy (in a yellow ruffly shirt, blue leggings, and pink shoes she was mistaken for a boy twice yesterday)?

The pumpkin was John Paul's toy of choice for the stroller.

Yup, we wore church clothes to the playground.  They stayed surprisingly clean, especially considering what a climber this little one is turning into!

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