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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cecilia is trying harder and harder to please us.  This morning she was nursing and John Paul really wanted her to look at him instead.  I told him he could try his crazy dance, but she wouldn't unlatch, she just giggled while nursing (which is one of the more adorable things - the little corners of her mouth turn up, but there's no way she's letting go!). 

So I told him to start dancing and clapping.  She thought this was a GREAT idea, and immediately popped off and started clapping clapping CLAPPING WITH GLEE!!!

I told her to smile and say, "Ha!"  She, of course, obliged :)

I've found an amazing way to keep her occupied for several minutes - cheerios in a spill-proof cup!  She had a lot of fun, even though I had to pick tons of cheerios off the floor afterwards (She seemed to be more interested in getting them out than in eating them.  This is probably a good philosophy for a child who hasn't had a significant bowel movement in a week...).

She is VERY interested in mimicking everything we say to her.  The problem is, she doesn't have a huge arsenal of sounds...  She says "Ma, Ba, Da, Ga, Ha" and she can sort of make a "Ffffff" and a "Shhhh" sound.  She's really paying attention to our inflection, and tries to pitch her voice properly to imitate how we say things.  It's pretty adorable, especially when she tries to "sing!" 

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