Time to lock the fridge...

Monday, November 7, 2011

John Paul figured out how to open the fridge a couple of weeks ago.  So far this hasn't been too bad - he's gotten bagels out (which he's allowed to eat), as well as his sippy cup, and several different condiments. 

Now, he generally brings these things to me, and we mostly don't keep things in the fridge that he's not allowed to eat anyway.  So he's been eating veggies dipped in ranch dressing or (gross) mustard, because he likes to get those out and bring them to me.

The problem is, today he got out eggs.

Raw eggs.

Every time we're at Trader Joe's and we get eggs, he BEGS me, "MAY I PWEEZ HAVE SOME RAW EGGS?"

Uh....  NO!  Seriously, WHY would he get the idea that those are tasty?

So we're having storytime over here and I see him opening the fridge.  I figure, worst case, he'll get out a block of cheese.  No biggie. 

Then he's coming down the stairs with something dripping out of his hands.  Yup, he has a raw egg in each hand.  One is whole, thankfully, and another mom jumps up and removes him to the kitchen before he had dripped too much on the floor (Cecilia was nursing and was VERY upset when I put her down).

So clearly I need to:

A.  Move the eggs farther back in the fridge so that he can't reach them

B.  Lock the fridge

C.  Teach him that we hold raw eggs very gently or they will break

D.  Start hard-boiling eggs for him so that he *can* crack them on his own and eat them. 

What in the world is the appeal of raw eggs???

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  1. It's an age thing. He'll think they are very interesting, and then he'll think they are gross. The "Please Touch" author wrote about this. (I recommend the book.)


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