A very contrary child

Thursday, November 17, 2011

John Paul had a rough time on our ride home from our morning activity.  Apparently it was time to argue with Mom on EVERY point.  If I said yes, he said no. 

He has been purposely putting his shoes on the wrong feet lately.  No biggie, but if he doesn't velcro them tightly they fall off and he gets upset.  So, of course, one fell off in the car.  He immediately asked for help, but I was driving so I told him I couldn't help him.

Melt.  Down. 

I told him that I would put his shoe on when the light turned red.  "When the light is BWUE?"

I told him to be quiet because Cecilia was sleeping.  "BE LOUD???"

I told him it was dangerous for me to put his shoe on when I was driving.  "SAFE to put a shoe on???"

I told him he was making Mom sad by fussing and screaming.  "Make Mom HAPPY???"

Heck, he even argued with the song lyrics.  "Singing sweet songs" was changed to "Singing SOUR songs????????"

Thankfully he recovered and had a good afternoon.  My favorite part?  The following joke:

John Paul, holding a John Paul II prayer card:  "Thaaaat's?"

Me:  "That's the pope."

John Paul:  "That's poooooooope?   (very quietly)  Benedict.  NOOOOOO!  That's Pope John Paul!"

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  1. That was a joke? I don't get it. But then, that's true of so many jokes made by very young people.


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