Our Black Friday

Monday, November 28, 2011

We've been having the most gloriously beautiful fall weather this past week.  What an amazing holiday weekend it was!  We spent Black Friday getting outside as much as possible with a trip to the playground and a picnic in the park.

The fake smile is not quite as cute as a real one...

Cecilia was very excited to be climbing!

We tried to picnic on the grass but it was SUPER wet, so we ended up on the basketball court. 

And John Paul spent most of the time exploring the area...  I heard him saying, "Dorothy, this is how you sit on a bench" while he got up and down from the bench.  Someone might be watching too much Sesame Street...

Cecilia wasn't going to let anything keep her from the sparkling apple cider!

Not even Dad!

Grandma took Cecilia walking while Dad and John Paul played basketball with a soccer ball...

And when they got tired of that, she was ready to play with the ball by herself!

The kids got VERY dirty.  And when we got home, we made sure to do some online shopping so our Black Friday would be complete ;)

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