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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"WHAT da HECK?"  Now imagine that said in the highest, squeakiest voice possible.  Approximately 70 times.  At the dinner table.

Andrew and I were trying VERY hard not to laugh.  John Paul was giggling hysterically, which made Cecilia start giggling while bobbing up and down (she's trying really hard to learn how to nod her head) and clapping at him. 

Also, he was listening to "Old Paint" and one of the lines was about "riding an old dam" and he latched on to that word.  So he decided to run around his quilt (that I am FORCED to lay out on the floor to be the center of his track) singing, "Come on...  Da learning DAM!"  It's a combination of LeapFrog and folk songs. 

My kid is weird.

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