2012 Christmas Letter

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Well, we didn't get our Christmas cards out before Christmas this year.

Not even before Epiphany...

But before Christmas was liturgically over, so I consider that a victory!  If you weren't lucky enough to receive a card/letter from us, that really just means that you're not a relative we've seen within the past year or that you didn't send *us* a card - trying to pare down to people who will actually appreciate them!  The card's not worth sharing (oh hideous hideous mall portrait studio pictures - never again!), but here's the letter (with pictures added!):

1.       On a typical week day you can be found:
a.      At the law office or at court
b.      Teaching middle school chorus
c.      Reading every book you can find
d.      Rocking your baby dolls to sleep
e.      Sleeping
2.      Your favorite weekend activity is:
a.      Watching soccer on TV or playing video games while trying to keep small children from climbing on your back
b.      Going to the farmer’s market & sampling all the delicious local produce
c.      Jumping up and down and shrieking with glee while your dad plays video games
d.      Jumping up and down and shrieking with glee while your dad plays video games
e.      Sleeping
3.      The most exotic place you traveled this year was:
a.      England
b.      England
c.      Michigan
d.      Illinois
e.      The doctor’s office
4.      The household chore you most often perform is:
a.      All of them
b.      Cooking
c.      Folding washcloths & putting away utensils
d.      Stacking dry baby wipes
e.      Soiling clean laundry
5.      How many of you ARE there?
a.      1
b.      1
c.      1
d.      1
e.      2
6.       You just met Santa Claus – how do you react?
a.      Ask him where his mitre is
b.      Ask him for a nap
c.      Beg him for a candy cane
d.      Sob uncontrollably
e.      Sleep
7.      Your favorite part of Mass is:
a.      Any part, since you go to extra Masses for a chance to be alone
b.      The beginning, because none of the kids has had a meltdown yet
c.      The consecration, because you say all the words along with the priest in a VERY loud voice
d.      Afterwards, because you get to run through the grass shouting, “I AM SO FAST!”
e.      Sleeping
8.      You’re picking out an outfit for the day.  You’re most likely to wear:
a.      Anything with a bow tie
b.      Something blue
c.      Plaid pants & red soccer socks with whatever shirt you pick up first
d.      Pink.  Anything pink.  Preferably multiple pairs of pants.  And Minnie Mouse underwear.   Polka dots are also acceptable, because Minnie Mouse wears polka dots.
e.      The smallest article of clothing you can find, but don’t get too attached – it’ll be dirty in half an hour!
If you answered…
Mostly A’s:  You’re Andrew!  The father of the family, you work in a law office by day and spend time with your family and sing at church on the weekends.  You do most of the cleaning around the house, and keep your kids entertained with Lego Star Wars.  You traveled to England this spring, and also took a trip to the Midwest over the summer. 

I think this is the picture he would choose to represent himself... 

Mostly B’s:  You’re Rosie!  The mother of the family, you teach middle school chorus in Fairfax County (although you’re currently on maternity leave, lucky you!).  Right now, you spend most of your time on the couch nursing the twins you found out you were having a couple of months before they were born, but when you get a chance to stand up you try to cook for your family and do a little bit of housework.  You also traveled to England this spring, and had a blast at the beach in Michigan and visiting friends in Chicago.

Did you know you can take pictures directly from a webcam on blogger???  This is me AS I TYPE!  You can't see the baby that I'm nursing or the Cheez-its that I'm eating...
Mostly C’s:  You’re John Paul!  At almost 3.5, you’re reading at approximately a 4th grade level, although your attention span is still rather limited.  You spend much of your time playing “Mass” and insisting that your family participate the entire time (including the twins, who apparently have received their First Communion already) with proper responses.

Mostly D’s:  You’re Cecilia!  You’ll be two at the end of January, and have a deep love of babies, Minnie Mouse, and all animals (but only from a distance).  You have a strange fear of the vacuum cleaner, garbage disposal, and maintenance men.  You recently discovered how to hop and spend much of your time hopping around the living room, climbing everything you possibly can, kissing babies, and giggling uncontrollably.

Action shot!
Mostly E’s:  You’re Elizabeth and Mary Claire!  You were born on November 14, 2012 and spend much of your time eating and sleeping.  Your goal by the end of 2012 is to outgrow your newborn-sized clothing, and you just might get there (if you’re Mary Claire – Elizabeth has no chance)! 

Note the size discrepancies

Did you make it through the whole quiz?  Which one of us are YOU?


  1. That is the perfect picture of Cecilia. Perfect.

  2. This is AWESOME - easily the greatest Christmas letter I've ever read!!

    And WOW way to go with the reading John Paul!!!

    1. Now I have to figure out something to top it for next year!

  3. Cecilia has figured out a game involving climbing, the futon frame, and giggling wildly. Here are the rules:

    1. Cecilia climbs the end of the futon (the bottom of the futon if it is folded out, the arm part if not), smiling hugely and expectantly.
    2. She recites what may be nonsense syllables but may also simply be words that I do not understand.
    3. I push her gently off the frame with my foot in the middle of her chest.
    4. She falls down and giggles wildly, spouting more nonsense syllables.
    5. Repeat.

  4. That's a great post. Even though I didn't really know your family, I think I know them a lot better now.


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