Birthday party!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Per Cecilia's request, I made a pink cake.  And added purple, because all-pink was too boring to me.  Do you see my fancy Ziploc bag piping skills?  Have I ever told you I'm not a perfectionist?  Because, as you can see, I'm not :P

John Paul was REALLY excited because he knew that Cecilia was going to let him play with her presents.

Cecilia was very pleased with her ballerina dress, her first present.

Michael, Andrew, and Mary Claire were not impressed.

Cecilia opening one of her most exciting presents... 
And Elizabeth nursing in the background...

A doll stroller!  And a Minnie Mouse doll!  She has slept with that doll every nap and night since her party on Sunday.

Blowing the candles out (with John Paul's help).
Yet another low-key family birthday celebration.  I think we might try to go big for John Paul's birthday, since we'll have a big old backyard for festivities.  But it's nice having most of the family members around and not having to worry about any activities beyond watching kids open presents!


  1. I think the cake looks awesome!!! And Cecilia is too stinkin' cute in that ballerina dress!!!

    1. Inside it was orange-ish and purple-y brown... Never try to dye yellow cake pink or purple! I have learned my lesson.


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