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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We got our produce basket from From the Farmer this morning and John Paul, as usual, was SO excited!  He opened it up and proclaimed, "SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!"  And then after he looked around for a second, "BRUSSELS SPROUTS!"

He promptly broke one off the stalk, peeled off the outer leaves, and ate it. 

Raw brussels sprout breath is NASTY, let me tell you.

But we've been having a lot of fun trying out new things.  Cooked brussels sprouts (sauteed with butter, kosher salt, and a bit of pepper) were a hit with him, and I thought they were pretty good.  I mean, I'm not gonna go out and buy brussels sprouts, but I'm perfectly happy to get them in our basket once in a while.

This week we're going to try turnips for the first time (gratin-style, with lots of cheese, butter, and garlic) and mustard greens (braised with bacon).  I'm not real hopeful that either of these will go over well, although mustard greens are apparently similar to arugula, and John Paul LOVES arugula.

Seriously, this kid will eat anything.  He opened the fridge earlier to get a snack and passed over 2 different types of pies, ham, turkey, apples, grapes, peppers, and chose... 

A basil leaf.

But his breath smelled a lot better?


  1. At that age, Patrick ate raw brussels sprouts, too. With peanut butter.

  2. Oh wow I was totally confused...I didn't realize you lived in the DC area! YES we absolutely need to get together some time!!! We tried our first CSA last spring and while I loved it, I need a break for a while because while I'm a die hard raw food person, I'm also a really tired mom person right now that is relying way too much on convenience foods :) Kudos to you!!!

  3. I rely way too much on convenience foods too - I can't tell you how many times in the past month I've eaten cheez-its or cookies for lunch... BUT sometimes the babies sleep and I can do things like cook brussels sprouts at 2 pm and eat them all while standing at the table with a 3-year-old :P Thankfully our bodies supply our nursing babies with all the nutrients they need, regardless of what mom eats!


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