What We Wore Sunday, vol. 2

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I Wore Sunday linkup
Here we go again, linking up with Fine Linen & Purple to check out what everyone else wore to Mass today!

We started this Sunday off with several tantrums before we even got to Mass! 

1.  Cecilia wanted her bears that were upstairs
2.  Cecilia wanted to sit in a booster chair instead of a big chair
3.  Cecilia couldn't find her bellybutton (try to find yours when you're wearing a onesie and too-big tights!)
4.  John Paul didn't want to wear socks
5.  Cecilia couldn't find the raisins in her bagel
6.  John Paul wasn't allowed to bring a Tin Tin book to Mass

But their Mass behavior wasn't appallingly bad - neither of the big kids had to leave the pew during Mass at all!  My favorite quotes:

Cecilia, in the first few minutes, "Mary is the QUEEN!!!"

Cecilia, whacking Elizabeth in the butt, "You TWIT!  You TWIT!"

Cecilia, hugging and kissing Elizabeth's head, "Hi sweetie pie!!!"

And of course, John Paul very loudly intoned the cantor's part of the psalm.

Here you see 2/3 of the family:

Andrew's clothes come from somewhere, I don't know where...

Onesie - Baby Gap via consignment store
Jumper - Gymboree via consignment store

John Paul:
Polo - Old Navy or Children's Place
Sweater - Gap Kids (super clearance!)
Pants - Gymboree via consignment store

Turtleneck (which you can't see, I just realized) - Carter's
Sweater (because she refused to wear a coat in 25-degree weather and it has a heart on the zipper) - Children's place via consignment store
Jumper - Target via consignment store
Tights - Costco
Pink boots - consignment store

Mary Claire (who slept 8 hours straight without nursing last night, so obviously she was EXHAUSTED by 8:30 AM!):
Onesie - Carter's via consignment store
Jumper - Old Navy via consignment store (can you see that I believe in spending a LOT of money on children's clothes? :P)

Me (don't ask me why there are no shoes and 6 feet above my head...):
Nursing tank - Target
Wrap dress - Banana Republic outlet a million years ago
Boots - same as last week
Scarf - Forever 21 (yes, I'm 26 years old and I still shop there...  But only online, the actual store makes me claustrophobic)

And of course, a little bit of acrobatics before Mass.  Also, the zipper broke off her jumper when I was zipping it up.  Like, not just the sticky-outy pull-uppy part, almost the entire pull-uppy part.  I might have to cut her out of this thing tonight...
And now, off to make pink buttercream for a pink & purple cake.  Well, kind of pink & purple...  Remind me to get white cake mix instead of yellow cake mix next time she requests a pink cake for her birthday! 


  1. This completely cracked me up! I think you all look great! I love the wrap dress.

    1. Thanks! It's been a standby for a while :)

  2. That turquoise and orange pattern on your scarf is to die for! I would so love a dress or tunic like that.

    1. It definitely adds a pop to any outfit - I need to get more scarves to add to the rotation!

  3. Is it Cecilia's birthday??? Is she turning 3??? I'm hoping yes, because if you can get through an entire Mass without having to take her out that means she must be 3 right??? Clare isn't even CLOSE to being able to make it through Mass without a time out!!! (Also the bellybutton meltdown - TOO FUNNY)

    I LOVE THAT DRESS. I love to wear black. I love wrap dresses. Why don't I have a black wrap dress???

    And I also loooooooove consignment shops :) Nobody told me children's clothes cost every bit as much as adults!!! Hmmmm if we ever escape sans-children for a meetup I definitely see some shopping on the agenda...

    1. She's 2 tomorrow. It's VERY rare that we don't have to take her out, and if we didn't have the twins she probably would have been taken out at some point today... It's just easier sometimes to work through things in the pew, since carrying her while juggling a baby is tough! And that bellybutton meltdown is one of our most frequent, I don't understand why!

      I am DESPERATE for some shopping. I told my husband that instead of our next vacation I just want the money so I can go shopping. He thinks I'm crazy.

  4. Forever 21 is great for accessories, and that's about it, so I don't blame you. My town has a TWO-STORY Forever 21, and it makes me nervous. That scarf is really fab.

    1. We have one that's two stories, too! I get so anxious with all the choices, and most of them are COMPLETELY immodest. But online they actually have some decent basics and nice accessories for super cheap. And they're a Christian company!

    2. Christian company only in name. They're labor practices are AWFUL! But that's okay, b/c like you said, it's not much of a go-to place. Too stressful :-( Love the bright pop of color the scarf gives you, though!

  5. That scarf is just stunning! The colors are beautiful.

    I have trouble with consignment shops. I never seem to find anything I absolutely love. Maybe I just need the right shopping partner! :)

    1. I'm no good at consignment shopping for adults, but it's way easier for kids, especially when they're really young. In our area there are also lots of yuppy parents who buy really expensive clothing for their one child and then give it all away after it's been worn once, so we score some pretty great deals!

  6. Stopping over from the linkup - I must say those babies of yours are just darling! I'm still working through baby shower clothes {we thankfully got far too many clothes} but I'm starting to scope out the consignments around here! Other than that, lots of hand me downs from friends! :) Happy Sunday!

    1. Thanks! We think they're pretty cute, too :)

  7. I think a wrap dress is one of the most flattering around! My favorite wrap dress is from Banana Republic too! I would love to find a black one like yours. You look so put together!

    And you are hilarious.

    1. And endlessly adjustable, which makes them pretty much the perfect mom clothing!

  8. Both you and your kids look fabulous!

  9. Gorgeous scarf and gorgeous family! :) Love it! Greetings from the Holy Land!
    Jessa @ Shalom Sweet Home

  10. Love the scarf! And I definitely need a black wrap dress like that! If only I had a time machine...

  11. Your whole family looks great!! And I love your scarf - great minds do think alike!


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