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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Once upon a time I started this blog because I realized that:

a. I was posting things about the kids on facebook multiple times a day
b. Whenever I felt like I had already posted too much, I'd email my mom and sister about all the crazy things the kids had done
c. My mom STILL wanted more!

I considered installing a webcam so that we could stream our days to my mom.  Then I realized that would be creepy.  And expensive.

So I started a blog for her, and also so I could document our lives and not feel quite so bad about completely neglecting the baby books I had for the big kids (I didn't even get any for the twins, I knew I wouldn't use them...).  She was ECSTATIC!

Now here's the thing about my mom:  She has a lot of internet friends.  And my sister and I have always made fun of her for that, because she talks about them like their her *real* friends.  But then around Christmas I discovered (via my sister's suggestions) the world of Catholic mom blogging.  Holy cow, there are a LOT of Catholic mom blogs out there! 

Because like, 3 years ago when I started adding blogs to my Google reader, I searched for "Catholic moms" and like, one blog came up.  So I thought that was pretty much all that was out there...

But then I discovered a lot of awesome blogs from Catholic moms who have kids the same age as mine and are super-funny, like Jamie and Ana and Brooke and even though they all live far away (although Jamie's close enough that one day we will totally have a playdate and maybe John Paul and Ava will fall in love, just saying...) we are totally becoming internet friends.  So I'm turning into my mom.  I have internet friends.  But it's awesome, because after having twins I'm almost completely homebound and can't visit a lot with my real-life friends but I can visit a trillion mom blogs and somehow that fulfills some of my social needs!

Because I see that someone else's kids narrate their bowel movements like Cecilia, or can't get through the day without tv, just like John Paul.  Or their kids make me laugh out loud with their creepy doll antics (seriously this one is SO funny). 

And so many of these moms are NFP-practicing, homeschooling, *actually* Catholic moms raising Catholic kids and I love it!  Who knew the blogging world was so diverse & homogeneous (did you know this is NOT the same as homogenous?  Because I didn't) at the same time?

So now I'm prepared if I need to read a story about Superman costumes at Mass (scroll down a bit) or a miracle baby (seriously AMAZING) or life with 3-under-3 (EVERYTHING she writes is pretty hilarious).  And when Andrew and I contemplate selling everything and moving to the country and starting a farm?  We're reminded that it's not all sunshine and rainbows!

Anyway, ALL these blogs were nominated for Catholic Blogger awards, which means you should go read them.  And check out a bunch of other Catholic blogs here.  And you can vote for all the "Sheenazing" nominees (like MY SISTER!!!  Because not only is she super-cool, she's also super-inspirational and basically catechized me...  Vote for Pierced Hands!) over at Bonnie's blog until Thursday at 6 pm central. 

(PS I was also nominated, but I don't expect to win anything with my grand total of 9 followers :P  Just vote for my sister!)


  1. Guess who voted for you? Because I think your blog really is underappreciated.

    1. WAY underappreciated. This is solid gold right here!!!!
      Ava started reading "Green Eggs and Ham" today so yeah, maybe she and John Paul can have reading date someday :)

    2. Yes!!! We just got these "You Read to Me I Read to You" books for Christmas and they're AWESOME for reading aloud skills - John Paul tends to mumble and it's helping him a lot, plus once he started reading we got really lazy about reading to him since he just does it himself... So I highly recommend those! And then they can read them together when they have their date!

    3. Those sound great!!! If you have any other recommendations let me know!!! Actually, I think maybe you should do a whole post about teaching your kids to read :)

  2. I feel the very same way!! So glad we've become internet friends :)

  3. You are my best sister :) And I get to meet my internet friends. You should be a hobo like me.

    1. I would make a really good hobo with 4 kids :P

    2. ahahahaha "Have minivan, will travel..."


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