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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Volume 1:  The tantrum edition
What I Wore Sunday linkup
Joining the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for something kind of fun this week...
This is what our Mass looked like today.  Cecilia wore a clearance rack Carter's outfit, which she insisted on accessorizing with a flower hat (not shown), Old Navy heart tights (below), and consignment store pink faux-Uggs (not shown).  And she cried and misbehaved for most of Mass.  Shocker.  The twins did pretty well, as did John Paul (despite his constant whispering of, "She DOESN'T need to nurse!" directed at whichever twin was nursing at the moment.  He actually said the priest's parts in a softer voice than usual this week, so I'll consider that a success).

And here's Cecilia tantruming on the couch.  I wore a black tummy-sucking-in skirt from Target (I'm only 2 months post-partum, you better believe I still need help sucking it in!), brown boots that were my Christmas present last year, a Shade blouse and an Ann Taylor Loft cardigan.  I would have belted it, but then I wouldn't have been able to pull up the blouse to nurse (for the entirety of Mass.  This is my life.).
In the background you can see our potty, because we don't have a bathroom on the main floor.  Worst. Floor plan. Ever.  Also a twin nursing pillow in stylish denim, which hides spit up like nobody's business!

Don't you feel bad for her?  She wanted to put on her sweater by herself and then it was inside out and backwards and she couldn't find the floor and Dad insisted on helping but only MOM was the one who SHOULD help and EVERYTHING IS SO BAD!!!

Then she found a booger.

And examined it while Andrew changed both babies.
Do you see that little bit of knee poking out?  I actually SHAVED my knees in anticipation of wearing a skirt.

And I took it away from her.
Seriously, maybe the worst the kids have ever behaved during Mass.  Mostly because of Cecilia, who insisted on yelling, "I WANT TO BE A BAD GIRL!" during the 2nd reading.
It gets better, right?
And now I'm writing this in (maternity) yoga pants and a nursing tank - I consider it a success if I don't get spat up on until *after* Mass, and it took 30 minutes after we got home for that to happen.  Win!


  1. Heh, oh the Mass-time escapades of all of my WIWS sisters' kids. My favorite is when I'm in Mass and a child is scuh-uh-REAMING and crying and another kid nearby will ask mom and dad, "Why is he/she crying?" like it's completely unnecessary. Heh, kids.

    Anywho, I love the teal cardi and the brown boots- very pretty together!

    1. They just scream to affirm the priests' vocations, that's my theory :P

  2. Hooray for real life! Cecilia is adorable despite the tears. My daughter didn't want to cooperate with pictures today either.

    You look super cute. I love the whole outfit. I am becoming a big fan of brown boots with black skirts for some reason. I think I am going to have to get a pair of brown boots.

    1. I LOVE my boots - every time I wear them I magically look a whole lot more put together than normal. If only I could wear them with sweatpants...

  3. I love this post. It's real and honest. I totally feel your pain...or at least I did when my kids were younger. My son doesn't have a "church whisper" so everything would be asked in a regular voice We had some fabulous Mass times. He is now 23 and still doesn't have a "church whisper" voice, so he has learned a little self-discipline to not ask a question during mass.

    YES! It does get better. So hang in there Mama. Love them where they are, keep rocking the shaved knees and cute "suck-it-in" skirt and tomorrow will be another day.

    1. I just have to remind myself that almost everyone else there either HAS been there or WILL be in our shoes... And with 4 kids under 4, I think it's impressive that we get to a 9 AM Mass at ALL, let alone on time and dressed in clean clothes!

      Next week we'll aim for no temper tantrums until the whole family has at least made it into the pew...

  4. Maybe it's today because our 5 y/o was horrid in church. It's getting easier for us as our kids get older I just continue to ask God's Graces as soon as we kneel down to help me through it. Real honest post and I'm glad we aren't alone. :)

    You look really cute in your get up as well. :)

    1. Actually I do wonder if maybe my 2-year-old was upset that the Christmas decorations weren't up in the church anymore?

      Definitely spent a lot of time offering it up... If this is my cross, it could certainly be worse!

  5. I love the cardigan and the striped shirt! Very cute. And so is your daughter - tears, boogers and all!

  6. I can to believe you had twins just a few months ago you look great, cute outfit too!
    I LOVE that your daughter yelled I want to be a bad girl that is something my 3year old would do in church!

  7. I can't believe you are only two months postpartum. This is after twins?! You look AMAZING! Your outfit is cute, and your daughter is adorable, tantrum and all.

    It does get better. Hang in there. The Lord is so so happy you are there with your little ones.

  8. I can't imagine what it's like taking 4 kids under 4 to mass. Holy outnumbered! I like your tied sweater over the other. And I would die laughing if I heard your girl say that in church!

  9. Of course it gets better. You have not yet experienced this: http://tinyurl.com/a5fh9ut

    You know this story, but your friends don't. (No, they don't. So quit rolling your eyes.) Once upon a time, when you kids were about two, four, six, and eight, all four of you had an explosive stomach bug one Wednesday night. You were very polite and did it on the hour, only one per hour, starting at midnight. That way, Daddy and I could do this:

    1. Wake up with a start to hear a child screaming in fear and panic.
    2. Dash to the child's bedside to find a thoroughly sick and icky child.
    3. Cooperate to strip the child, bathe the child, change the child into clean jammies, change the child's bed, get the solids out of the soiled bedding and jammies, and start a load of wash.
    4. Put the soothed and sleepy child back to bed.
    5. Wash ourselves off and go back to bed ourselves.
    6. Sleep for about twenty minutes.
    7. Repeat. Three times. And after the first time, add step 3b: Put the washed load into the dryer so as to make room for the new dirty stuff.

    Daddy kept all you kids home the next day (Thursday), so you all had a rest. Of course I didn't have enough sick leave to stay home sick unless I was 90% dead, because I kept having to use it on frivolous events like giving birth, so I went to work on Thursday.

    On Friday, you were well enough to go back to school. Except for Timmy, of course, who was still at home. So Daddy got no rest again. And I was at work.

    On Saturday, we had all four of you at home. You all felt fine. Daddy and I were still staggering.

    On Sunday, we dragged ourselves to Mass. You children were all beautifully rested and well and shiny. After Mass (which, trust me, was *always* eventful), a blue-haired old lady tottered up to me and grabbed my arm, pronouncing the words at which I have marveled for lo these past twenty-plus years: "Oh, my dear, treasure these years. They are the best in your life."

    I wanted to say, "Shoot me NOW!" Fortunately, I remembered my manners.

    It's a good thing that this happened. Otherwise, I might become that little old lady. Minus the blue hair, of course.

    1. Wow...this story is hitting a little too close to home right now :)

  10. Also I would like to echo the "holy cow you look amazing did you seriously give birth to twins 2 months ago" sentiment...and also say that I am now even more depressed that I have never done a WIWS link up...I am the worst dressed ever and need someone to nominate me for "What Not To Wear" ASAP.

    (ALSO totally laughed outloud about the knees. And Cecilia's 2nd reading comment :)

    1. Yeah I'm using it as impetus NOT to look super-frumpy every Sunday... The kids are always dressed impeccably, because I pick out their outfits the night before, and yet I haven't been doing the same for myself? And I feel like I need to REALLY dress up because Andrew is always in a suit and tie and if I can't match that I look like a total slob!


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