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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Capturing the elusive smile
I can't decide which baby I think is cuter.  That's probably a good thing...

Some rare tummy time

A loving brother
My favorite time of day

Calm awake time is cool, too

Showing a baby to her babies

The house isn't clean, I'm rarely wearing much more than sweatpants and a nursing tank, and dinner is NEVER ready when it should be.  But if we get through the day and everyone is still alive, anything more is a bonus!


  1. I'm so glad Lucy's not the only baby whose tummy time is rare, it is certainly not her preferred way of being.

    1. My first two were such early crawlers that I'm trying to keep the twins immobile for as long as possible!

  2. Yes. We've considered tying the twins to something to keep them from learning to walk.

    When we learned we were having twins and would have four under five years old, we decided our whole goal for their first year would be Everyone Fed and Wearing Some Clothes. They're nearly a year old and we've accomplished that. Sometimes they aren't all wearing enough clothes, or NORMAL clothes, but I think it's still a win.

    1. Is it terrible that I see those walkers that you're not supposed to get because they impede walking development and think, "I've GOT to get me some of those!" My first two walked at 10 & 9 months, so the twins better not continue with the trend!

  3. Hahaha I love the comments here...Emeric loves tummy time but the girls NEVER did. And getting through the day alive - that is our battle cry!!!!


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