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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter to give you a wedding picture photo dump:

The flower girl in her tiara
Surprisingly, the little girl who refuses to keep hair accessories in her hair EVER actually kept the tiara in her hair all day!  Well, she took it out to admire it many times and then put it back in...  But still, I consider it an important milestone!  She was the flower girl, and threw most of the flower petals on the floor right before walking down the aisle.  But she's so cute that it didn't matter, right?

The happy couple and family (photo stolen from my mom)
I can't explain John Paul's expression, except to say that he's John Paul.  And he's 4.  I think that's explanation enough!

We bribed her with pickles to get her to take more pictures


Can you guess who didn't make it through the whole wedding?

John Paul actually did a pretty good job with his ring bearer duties, but he was VERY upset at having to actually wait until everyone was ready for him to walk down the aisle.  And he did really well at the beginning of the wedding, but once it was time for me to play the piano for one of the songs Andrew was singing, he freaked out because HE wanted to be the one playing the piano.  So he got taken out, since the twins didn't even make it through the processional and Cecilia walked right out with them!  To be fair, it was a wedding that took place in my father-in-law's living room, so they weren't exactly used to having to sit still in such a familiar location...

He calmed down later.  Once he got some pickles...
No duties to perform, but the babies may have stolen the show with those dresses and shoes!
Of course, they couldn't pose simultaneously...
Particularly not when there's grass to be eaten!

The kids looooved the bubbles!

And John Paul can actually blow them by himself!

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  1. Great cuteness!
    Love that pickles are the currency in favor!

  2. Stopping by from LMLD. Love the photos!

  3. I'm going to sue you for snitching my pic. But I just might settle out of court. Check with your lawyer. ;-)

    Cecilia was pretty funny with those bubbles. Evidently you have to have duck lips to blow, and that's more important than the actual volume of air coming from your mouth. Also, she doesn't seem to understand that you can't stick your finger into the bubble frame or whatever it's called.

  4. I have a bad case of little bow tie envy. Gotta find a reason to make my little boys wear them more often. Seriously though, these are all great. I'm getting a cavity from all the sweetness.

  5. You look beautiful and so do your daughters...all three of them. When my son was three he was the ring bearer for my brothers wedding and he cried all the way down the aisle "I want my gummy bears" which is what we had used to bribe him. Those pictures are some of the funniest we have. My brother and his new bride were very understanding thank goodness.
    Looks like it was a lovely day even with a few bumps in the road.

  6. Kids in a wedding are total comic relief! Helps release the tension! Your children are beautiful but I especially love the picture of your little flower girl eating the pickle!

  7. Adorable! And I think it's hilarious that you can bribe them with pickles!!!


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