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Monday, August 12, 2013

I am waaaaaaay behind on my blog reading & commenting and responses to comments...  So here's a VERY brief WIWS post and I promise I'll respond to all your awesome comments on Friday's Awkward Conversations post!  I just don't know when...

I felt like a flamenco dancer with that veil...

Kaitlin requested more pictures with my veil, so here you are!

Dress:  eShakti
Scarf:  Forever 21
Shoes:  DSW
Veil:  Veils by Lily (recommended by Laura)

The pants-free linkup is open until the end of the day (Eastern) on Wednesday and so far a grand total of... ONE person who is not me linked up!  Thanks, Erica :)  So go show it some love!

And check out some more timely linkers at Fine Linen & Purple!


  1. You look cute as usual...I love the scarf, Question? The veil...is that the way you wear it during Mass (over your bun?) or do you drape it over your whole head for Mass? I've thought about covering but never could quite figure out how to do it.

    1. It depends on how I'm wearing my hair - this is usually where it ends up when my hair is up because the baby on my back pulls it until the comb can't go any farther! I probably need to pin it in addition to the comb but I always throw it in my hair right before we get in the car so I don't have time... When my hair's down it starts nearer to my hairline but migrates back throughout Mass...

  2. I am the only one who wears a head covering at any Mass I ever attend at my church. The Eritrean women who used to live here covered their heads, but they have moved. And all our blue-haired little old ladies are bare-headed. ::sigh::

    Have the babies stopped chewing on your veil yet?

  3. I veil every now and then but you have inspired me to start back up again. Admittedly it was easier when we attended the TLM and 99% of the women covered, but now we attend a local novus ordo parish where 1% of the women cover so...there's that.

    I'm looking for nursing friendly dresses, where do you shop for yours mostly? And where are the best deals?

  4. so cute. those shoes are a pair of my favorites. Love the color.

  5. I didn't even notice your veil in the pic until you pointed it out in the paragraph below :). Love your outfit. Sorry I haven't linked up. I kind of exhausted my outfits with that one big post I did... I am in a weird, early stage of pregnancy where only a few things fit so I literally wear the same nice outfits all the time, and sweats at home. I feel so lame, because I LOVE your outfit posts with ideas for skirt/dresses combos.

  6. Adorable as always, love the scarf!

    Your Awkward Conversations sooo had me thinking how very therapeutic writing is. I know, off topic, but still...


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