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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Apologies if this showed up in your newsfeed - I'm still figuring out polyvore!

Anyway, with the slightly declining temperatures (for a few days at least), I started to realize just how close fall is getting!  But the problem is, I really have no idea what I wear in the fall...

See, last fall I was about a million weeks pregnant and basically lived in the same maternity yoga pants and maxi skirt until I gave birth (and then I continued wearing the yoga pants and the maxi skirt for at least a month afterwards...).

Two weeks post-partum, still wearing that skirt...

And the fall before that, I think I mostly wore dress pants.  Now that pants are pretty much out of the equation (I'm holding on to a couple pairs that have always fit well, just in case), I really have to figure out what works with my situation - I think I've got the idea of layering down, thanks to advice from friends (although I still need to get some new leggings and tights).  But he *type* of skirt to get is tough, since the winter-weight skirts tend to feel either too frumpy or too fussy to wear at home (all those wool skirts are lovely, but there's only so much room for dry clean only in this house!).

So here's what I've got so far, from clothes I mostly already have:

Fall Mom Style


I just got a great new (to me) J.Crew denim skirt from Twice and I'm hoping to get a couple more pieces there if possible - I love that they list the measurements of the clothing, because I have a much better idea of whether something will fit or not (If you sign up through my link you can get $10 off!).

The plum pencil skirt in the collage above is soooo attractive to me - such a perfect color for fall and winter, so I definitely need to find one that's long enough to work for me.  I find I need something at least just below the knee, or playing with the kids on the floor gets too difficult.  And since my color palette tends toward the blues and blues and some more blue, I definitely need to add a scarf or two to punch things up.  I'd like at least one versatile dress as well, so I'm keeping my eye on new arrivals at Twice to see if anything jumps out (shirt dresses, wrap dresses, and faux-wrap dresses are all nursing-friendly).

What I'd really like to do is see if I can avoid buying new clothing (except leggings and tights, since you can't really find those used), so I'm going to be hitting up some thrift stores after the kids are in bed to test the waters.  If I can add to my wardrobe without breaking the bank, maybe I'll save enough money to replace my falling-apart purse!

What are your favorite fall staples?  I know I'm excited for turtlenecks and boots!

Oh and here's today's outfit - it felt fall-ish in the morning but by the time Mass was over (9:30ish) I was way too hot!  I love this dress but the length is just too short for me to wear with kids because I keep thinking my butt is showing every time I switch positions!

Dress:  Target, years ago
Tights:  Target?  No idea...
Booties:  DSW
Scarf:  Forever 21

Oh and that veil...  It's hiding, but it's there - I pretty much have to wear my hair up so that it doesn't fall out completely, but the kids haven't managed to pull it off my head yet.  It's actually something extra that they can fiddle with, and anything that occupies them is gold!  

Andrew's been wanting me to veil for years, but I kept refusing because I said it would mess with my hair, or the kids would pull it out, or I couldn't find one I liked...  And then I realized these were stupid, prideful reasons to refuse something that my husband really wanted (and he's always been very quiet in his desire, so it's not like he forced me into it!).

How do I feel about it?  I don't really notice it most of the time, and I think it makes me feel a little less self-conscious about how the kids behave, because I know that nobody's thinking, "Oh they must be so terrible because they never come to Mass!"  Not the best reasons, I know, but I'm not the deepest thinker, let's be honest.

Linking up with Jenna and the lovely Brit who's guest hosting at Fine Linen & Purple this week - I love this guest hosting, great idea!  And Brit's is one of my favorite bloggers - her photos are so beautiful and her boys are SO cute and hilarious.  Definitely one of those bloggers that I would be friends with in real life!  Go check out her blog for some of the most beautiful little boys (with the most amazing eyes) you'll ever see!


  1. You are way too kind Rosie! Your outfit today is my all time favorite. You look amazing, lady! And I love the boots in your collage! I admire your skirt/dress only. So feminine :).

  2. You look great...very fall-ish! The scarf adds such a fun touch. And, your hallway looks like mine...with all the jumbled pile of shoes.

    1. Ha yes, one of these days I'll come up with a better solution for the shoes... But for now they all live by the door!

  3. Great outfits!
    Am on a similar track regarding what I'm looking for for fall and have decent luck finding tights at Forever21.

  4. I don't know of the perfect fall outfit for nursing/playing on the floor... But I wear knee high leather boots (in lack, dark brown and camel brown) with leggings & wool socks, and canvas, jean, or corduroy skirts (bass pro shop has a super cute a-line knee length one but it's $40), with a sweater, or sweater dresses + leggings. And that's more when I leave the house to go shopping, and I wear sweats around the house so my good clothes don't get dirty/stained from the kids. And I love scarves too!

  5. I've got a just below the knee length brown skirt I got a few years ago from T9 and I wish they'd make it in olive green or something because I live in it all fall/winter. I also finally grabbed a sturdy cord skirt last winter and I'm in love with it! My winter uniform is pretty much those two skirts or a sweater dress with tights/leggings or jeans all with the same knee high boots. After wanting them for a couple years I finally got a pair of wedge ankle boots that I got to bust out this weekend and I'm going to be living in those this winter. I finally hopped onto the maxi skirt trend this summer so I've been having fun getting pintrest ideas for winter wearing, we'll see how it goes!

    1. I really need a corduroy skirt! And I'm looking up good winter/fall maxi ideas too - I've got a black one now that I think can work in a lot of different ways, but I've only envisioned it for summer so far...

  6. It is 104 degrees in the San Fernando Valley (LA) today. I cannot talk about fall clothes. (But YOU look cute.)

  7. I love the Polyvore action. And, isn't Twice the best?? Addictive.

    Thanks for linking up with me. I would love to hear more of your hub's thoughts on you veiling. Mike really has no opinion either way, so I would be interested to hear what Andrew's thoughts are!


  8. I am a little bit excited to get back into my Fall clothes. I love corduroy and I have a thousand (give or take) pairs of corduroy pants. I really want to find a denim skirt. I may venture out to a thrift store to look for one that's already worn in.

  9. You look great! And, I'm loving your fashion posts! I'm on the verge of trying to be more intentional about a skirt/dress only world! I recently read a post and appreciated the thoughts and reason behind it. At the end of the day, I do feel more feminine and beautiful and I *think* I can finagle my closet enough to try and make that happen since I've been a dress/skirt wearer during pregnancy. 5 days so far. Just trying a little to see how things go. Thanks for sharing your journey!! and tips!

    1. Thanks! Once I stopped giving myself the option of pants, it was amazing how creative I could get with what I already have - definitely realized I don't need as much clothing as I thought I did!

  10. I love that Merona skirt- the color is so pretty. And I so appreciate how Twice lists the measurements for each piece of clothing! Takes away a lot of the guesswork.


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