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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last night Andrew had to leave earlier than usual for his Monday night rehearsal, so I was totally on my own for bedtime.  I had gotten Elizabeth totally to sleep and put her in the crib when I heard… 

Her little eyes shot open, but all was quiet and she slowly closed them again while I kept my hand on her back.
Eyes open again, took a liiiiittle longer to close…
“Mom Zebwa!”

 Eyes open, about to close…

“Mom Zebwa, I need you!”

 Sigh.  I leave her and she starts sobbing as soon as I close the door.
 The problem? 

 “Um…  Dis hurts?”

She points to a very small little scrape on her knee, so small I’m not sure it can even be classified as a scrape.


So Elizabeth went to sleep in the swing, and then so did Mary Claire after she insisted on biting me repeatedly instead of nursing to sleep.  After I got the big kids to bed, I moved the babies to their cribs and endured no fewer than 5 night wakings (total, not each) through the night.  No, not tired at all.  Not me!

What was John Paul doing during all this, you wonder?
Well, he found our voter registration cards and decided they needed to be updated:


Not sure if I'll be turning him in for election fraud or not...  I think they might go easy on 4-year-olds, right?

And in typical John-Paul-is-the-most-contrary-child-ever fashion, he made his own note: 
PO 5 AM (polls open 5 am)
AC 6 AM (and close 6 am)
That's gonna be a great election turnout, I can already tell.
Sometimes (a lot of the time) the kids do things that are naughty, but so funny that I have to try HARD not to laugh.
Example?  John Paul was writing with that same pen as last night, and I left the room for a few minutes.  When I returned, Cecilia had pen ALL over her arms and belly (because she's been refusing to get dressed lately.  It's awesome.).
I assumed she had drawn on herself, until I looked closer and could distinctly make out the numbers 2, 3, and 8.
Yup, she let John Paul draw all over her.
In pen.
Ballpoint pen, so it CAN'T have felt good!
I don't think they saw me laugh...
I found an awesome bathroom trick on pinterest that makes bath time possible with twins without buying those expensive bath seats!  Last time we tried bathing them together, they were slipping and sliding all over the tub (on purpose) so much that I just about had a heart attack...  It's hard enough keeping ONE baby from standing up all the time in the tub, try keeping TWO from killing themselves at once!
Check out what fits them perfectly?  A laundry basket!
And since we buy ours in packs of 6, it's easy enough to find an extra one lying around.
They LOVED it!  They only sat on each other a little bit, and their weight counterbalanced enough that even when they tried to pull up, they didn't tip it over.  And there was no room to slip and slide!  Andrew got them both washed with absolutely zero tears, it was a miracle!
Not to mention totally adorable!  It reminded me of Cecilia's favorite book back when we found out we were having twins.
One baby in a bathtub?  Pretty cute.  Twins in a tub?  Nothing cuter!


  1. Mom Zebwa, I think your kids are the funniest kids ever! I'm also amused that Elizabeth had the foam 8 in picture #1 and Mary Claire had it in picture #2. Typical! Not that Mary Claire takes toys, that they swap.

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  3. You are going to survive motherhood with all these cute stories and tricks.

  4. Rub-a-dub-dub, two twins in a laundry basket... SO cute!!

  5. kids in the laundry basket is a trick i didn't learn until my 5th!! but a very good way to do it!

  6. Sorry about the multi-interupted sleep hope tonight is better.
    Tub pictures are beyond cute!!

  7. The tubs pics are AWESOME! My 3 yr old is into the "I don't want to" thing/stage and sometimes at the end of the day if I hear "I don't want to {insert just about anything I ask}" kinda makes me want to scream!!!

    1. I know, she's really into "I don't wike {insert food she's suppose to eat}" or refusing to wear certain (well, most) articles of clothing... John Paul's never been like this! Now I know why people say boys are easier!

  8. That laundry basket idea is awesome! I'll bet that's great for traveling too! You don't have to pack a bath seat and most people you visit would have a laundry basket. OF course, mine are always full of clothes...

  9. I hope everyone slept better last night.

    The amount of cute in that laundry basket is almost unbearable.

  10. Using a basket for the tub- genius!


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