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Friday, September 27, 2013


It seems that, despite years of avoiding it, I'll be entering smart phone-land soon.  The screen on Andrew's phone broke a year ago, but he hasn't gotten it replaced because it's too expensive.  And then the glass started flaking off more rapidly, so I gave him my upgrade (I've had the same flip phone for the past 5 years), but then he had to change our contract so now there's data for both of us and I'm getting his old (non-broken) phone. 


Really the only reason I want a smart phone is for faster texting and for instagram.  I'm going to avoid installing facebook or anything like that because I know I'll spend too much time connected to the internet otherwise.  But I seriously doubt I'll ever go back to the old flip phone once I make the jump to a smart phone...


So many great ideas in the comments of Ideas for Mass Survival with Young Kids!  Do you have a tried and true formula for when the little kids outnumber the adults?  We've got our parish picnic coming up on Sunday, so maybe we can meet some old ladies who pity us enough to help out with the kids during Mass...


You read Moxie Wife, right?  Hallie's post this week really struck me, and is one of my all-time favorites:  When Your Kiss is Met with a Cold Shoulder

Life with twins is hard, friends.  Overwhelmingly stressful because there is NO sleep, NO free time to be had because every minute of not nursing and not holding a baby is spent washing dishes or doing laundry or spending time with toddlers and there are times when the sleep deprival is so unbearable that I just CANNOT fake it and I'm always amazed that not once has Andrew met my snapping with snapping of his own, but he takes the kids away and gives me a few precious minutes to find some way to calm down. 

Early in our dating relationship (and maybe in our marriage?), I'm sure we both would have escalated problems like this into an all-out fight, but this man is so good at keeping the peace and knowing how I need to deal with conflict.  He has always been the more mature one, and I need to make more of an effort not to be the cold shoulder!


Whew!  And on that note, some funnies from this week...

Cecilia saw the nearly-empty box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and asked for one.

Me:  You know, it might be empty...  No, it wasn't.  But it might have been!
Cecilia:  Could I pweez eat the cwumbs?

So I gave her the box and she went to town trying to lick the icing off the bottom.  Simple pleasures, right?


And speaking of simple pleasures, I rinsed out an empty creamer bottle and John Paul spent HOURS on Wednesday playing with it in the sand and water table, filling it with water and pouring it into various cups to make "coffee" and then using it to fill the watering can and watering the plants.  He always begs to help pour the creamer and stir my coffee in the morning, and now he can pour as much as he wants, although it's muddy water instead of creamer...

Terrible pictures taken through the screen because if I had gone outside he would have wanted the camera!

Off to garden!


The babies LOVE peek-a-boo.  Love it.  LOVE.  IT. 

Seriously, I know all babies like peek-a-boo, but none of ours have loved it as much as these two (particularly Elizabeth).  The way their faces light up with glee the moment that cloth touches their heads is incredible! 


I have no pictures of Mary Claire this week, poor thing has been absolutely accident-prone!  She's got two bruises on her forehead, a bruise on her leg, and has smashed her mouth and made herself bleed twice.  And it'll only get worse when she starts walking...  Yikes!

Although Cecilia has been pretty accident-prone, too - maybe it's something in the air?  She fell down the stairs the other day and has a huge rug burn on her back.

At least John Paul seems to be in one piece, although I came home yesterday afternoon to a strong smell of rash cream.  Apparently he had taken the tube of rash cream and applied it to his hair AND Cecilia's hair.  He told me it was hair gel.  And Cecilia says he tried to get her to eat it, too.

Well, I tried very hard not to laugh.  And they still smell like it, even though their hair has been washed.  So apparently it's time to find some sort of hair product for John Paul?  I'm thinking if I fill a little spray bottle with water, that'll be enough for him.

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  1. I love the way that even as you talk about sleep-deprivation and snappiness, you focus on the "simple pleasures" and humor of life with little kids.

    Water in a spray bottle sounds like an awesome hair product.

  2. Pooooooor little Cecilia! It's too bad you don't feed her enough. You can tell because her cheeks are so sunken and she has no energy or original ideas. Maybe John Paul can give her some pretend coffee.

  3. I'd lick the crumbs and frosting off a Krispy Kreme box too! LOL

    And, John Paul and hair product..that is hilarious!

  4. Grace has been extra accident prone as well this week! I love C getting every last morsel from that box - too cute!

  5. Your through-the-screen photos are better than my straight-out-I'm-trying photos....so, good camera for the win? Or, Rosie for the win! Also, there must be some weird phase of the moon/gravity thing going on this week because Anna is all bumped and bruised as well.

  6. Peek A Boo is the best with the kids when they are between 9 and 24 months. Vincent is 27 months and he still loves it!!

    Sorry about all the accidents!! My oldest and my youngest have always been the ones more accident prone than the others...

  7. Chris wants to get rid of our smart phones within the next year! I'll probably just use mine like an iPod when I'm home so I can still use Instagram because I love it. Can't wait til you sign up!


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