7 Quick Takes - Back to School!

Friday, September 6, 2013


Sometimes I see all the back to school pictures moms of school-aged children are posting and I think I should start taking pictures of what I wore every first day of school.  And then I remember that that would be weird, because I'm a teacher and not a student...  Although it would actually have been pretty awesome the past 5 years:
First year:

Didn't start working until January, 14ish weeks pregnant?
Second year:

6 weeks post partum, probably pretty similar (or rather larger...) to the first year picture!
Third year:

20ish weeks pregnant with Cecilia.
Fourth year:

7 months post partum and actually fairly normal-looking...
Fifth year:  

26ish weeks pregnant with twins, large and in charge.

Sixth year:

9ish months post partum and fairly normal-looking.   


Am I really in my 6th year of teaching?  Granted, the first year I only worked half the year, and the third year was the same...  But still, time has flown!

In the race for teeth, Elizabeth has pulled WAY ahead, cutting her two top teeth this past week.  Mary Claire STILL only has one on the bottom right!


 Speaking of babies, they're pretty hilarious these days - they tend to follow each other everywhere and want to play with the same toys all the time...

"Oh hey sister, that looks like a good toy!"
"Here, move out of the way so I can have a turn!"
"Yeah, that's good.  You sit on the floor and I'll play."
"No, YOU sit on the floor, and I'll play!"
"Oh hey, the window!"
"Oh yeah, I forgot about that window!!!"
"Mom, did you need something?"
Of course, the allure of toys isn't exclusive to baby toys...  After all, train tracks are pretty awesome too!
Mary Claire is clapping.  Cutest. Milestone. Ever.
In motion!

"Cool.  Got it."
This happened between breakfast and morning nap yesterday:
Independent play...

Independent catalog reading...

Independent puzzling...
So I got to eat my cereal and drink my coffee in peace!  It DOES get easier, moms of twins!!!
Right now they're even playing with their music cube together while I blog and make dinner!
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  1. Your 1st day of teaching progression is AWESOME!

  2. Love all the pictures of those precious babies!

  3. Such cuteness and the chance to finish your coffee in peace ~ Wow!

  4. I love the play by play with the twins!

  5. I like seeing where you were with your pregnancies/post-partum as you went back to school. That's cool.

    independent play/activities by the kiddos is always a plus! No one's fighting, everyone's occupied, and momma gets some coffee, LOL


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