WIWS - 46-degree edition!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

We woke this morning to a rather chilly house!  I looked at the temperature and saw it read 46 degrees - definitely cool enough for a sweater and hat!  The problem with cooler weather though, is that the layers required mean getting dressed takes a muuuuch longer time...  Add that to the fact that the kids all slept in (well, Mary Claire & Elizabeth were up around 7, but John Paul & Cecilia were up at 7:30 and 8!), and we walked into Mass just in time for the first reading.
I hate being late.  At least we didn't have the babies with us...  They stayed home with Andrew to nap, and he hit up his regular EF Mass later in the day. 
Luckily, being late meant we didn't exhaust the kids' good behavior at all!  They were good all the way through Mass, so they got to say hi to Father without having to apologize for the behavior (Always a plus!).
I have to say, I love how much they love our pastor - ever since we saw him at Costco the one time, Cecilia is OBSESSED with him!  And every time we go back to Costco, she wonders why he isn't there buying eggs again.  And every time we eat eggs, she talks about how Father bought eggs, TOO!!!
Anyway, here's what we wore:
Well, John Paul wore shoes, too...
I'm not sure about the blazer with a maxi skirt - I'm on the lookout for a denim jacket, but I'm not sure I would wear a denim jacket to Mass...  Ideas?
Oh, and when I'm not veiling I try to wear a hat - kind of a plus because hats stay on better than the veil!

Cecilia's in her Easter dress, layered with her new fall boots, polka dot tights, a cardigan (not pictured) and her new (consigned) fall coat.  Too cute!  John Paul's rocking his same old khakis, dress shirt, belt, and a sweater vest that *might* last until winter's end but will probably be retired fairly soon...

And a couple blurry pictures sans-blazer...

Hat:  Zulily
Sweater:  Limited via Twice (I just sold them some clothes and they gave me an extra $10 credit in addition to what they paid me!  Sweet!)
Belt:  Kohl's?
Maxi:  Gap
Booties:  DSW
Blazer:  Banana
The belt is pretty nice because it's one of those elastic ones, so I can easily pull it down & pull the sweater up to nurse the babies, and I don't have to take it off completely.  Win!
The kids are all down for their naps after a kind of fabulous morning with a lot of REALLY good playing together (including the babies!!!).  I'm amazed at how much they can entertain themselves, and I looooove how much Cecilia wants to include the babies in whatever they play. 
Although clearly I need to keep a better eye on them...  I left the room for a minute and so did John Paul and Cecilia, and I returned to see somehow Mary Claire was sobbing, trapped under the baby bathtub they've been using as a boat, and Elizabeth was holding it down and drumming loudly on the bottom.  Yeah, we won't call her a bully but she's definitely the dominant personality between the two of them.
Happy Sunday to you!  Linking up with FL&P and all the lovely ladies there :)


  1. I like your outfit a lot! Isn't Virginia weather so crazy {but absolutely BEAUTIFUL!} this time of the year? Snow coats in the morning and shorts in the afternoons...

    God bless you!

  2. I love Cecilia's boots! I hope she does, too. Please tell her from me how pretty she looks in them!

  3. Great outfit! It looks very put together. And I love polka dot tights. I have a pair too! :)

    PS We get to have your mom over for dinner! Neener neener! :)

  4. I actually did the denim jacket with a maxi skirt today, not as dressy as I usually go, but it still looked put together and worked!

    1. Yeah, I don't think I'll feel right next to Andrew in his bow tie & suit - but for every day wear I'm definitely feeling it... Now I just have to find a jacket!

  5. I think a denim jacket is fine for Mass! And, the blazer looks good with the maxi. I love that that sweater though..that and the belt really completes the outfit.

    It was definitely a bit chilly when we left for Mass this morning, but not 46 degrees chilly..it was a bit warmer than that.

    1. Yeah I think it had warmed up to 56 once we got in the car, but we go to the 8:30 and are a little north of you so I'm sure it was chillier by us!

  6. Your hate is amazing, and you look great in it! John Paul...he is the cutest little guy ever - that sweater vest is adorable!

  7. YOu look awesome.

    It was 96 here today. Only off by 50 degrees!

  8. Great outfit, Rosie. I esp love the hat! I'm iffy about denim jackets at mass, too. It doesn't bother me if other ppl wear them to mass, but it just feels really casual when I do. But sometimes a denim jacket is just right for a particular outfit . . . .

  9. I think you have to look at the larger context of the outfit concerning the jean jacket, and like Laura said, how it makes you feel. I think it would have looked spot on with this outfit. Oh, the important things in life!

  10. It's all so adorable- you and the kiddos! You pull off that hat so effectively. Great look!

  11. Great outfit! Love that its so cute and nursing friendly!

  12. It must be something about the name Elizabeth. Of our twins (Miriam and Elizabeth, 19 months) Elizabeth is definitely the big, strong, fast, hair-pulling, beating-her-sister-on-the-head one. My husband said that when I left them with him for the weekend they spent it proving the existence of Original Sin, trying to murder each other.

    1. Seriously, it's incredible how happy and yet how miserable they can make each other...


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