Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oh acronyms...  Who doesn't love them?

Although clearly I don't understand them - WWWW should be WWRW.  Because it's "reading" and not "wreading."

Go ahead and revoke my degree - it's just in music anyway :P

My sister visited and left me with quite a few library books, plus I've had the chance to go on my own and check out some gems - here's what the kids and I have been reading lately:
They don't *always* read together...

But when they do, apparently Cecilia tries to kick the babies away...
(and those weren't even staged - they just happened to be reading two of the books here with another behind them!)


Anything by Sherwood Smith
Don't you love it when you discover an author who has written a LOT of books and you can read them ALL right in a row?  It's one of my absolute favorite things in life (like the TV shows you blow through on Netflix - way better than waiting for each new episode to come out!).
I just finished The Spy Princess and have started A Posse of Princesses (the description is horribly written, it's really good so far!).  Fair warning:  I read a lot of young adult fiction about princesses.  Honestly, I love YA fiction because there's almost never anything inappropriate that makes me uncomfortable (except the somewhat morally relativistic Tamora Pierce, but I can trust my judgment enough to read her books...).
Anyway, The Spy Princess is about (obviously) a princess who ends up being part of a revolution to overthrow her horrible uncle, the king.  It's very reminiscent of Shannon Hale/Robin McKinley/Dianna Wynne Jones, so obviously I love it!  If you're a fan of the princess/magic/fantasy genre, you'll love it too :)
Magic Tree House books
A friend recommended these as good first chapter books to read aloud - John Paul's reading level far surpasses these, but they're perfect for his (and Cecilia's) attention span, and the chapters are short enough for bedtime reading (I refuse to read long stories for bedtime - when it's that late, I just want them to go to sleep!!!).  We've only read one so far, Afternoon on the Amazon, but I'm planning on going back to the library and picking up more, because they love pretending they're Jack & Annie and going on different adventures!  The baby tub has been turned into a canoe so that they can sail down the Amazon River, and I'm a monkey who has to throw "mangoes" at them.  Yup, I get all the good characters.
The Magic School Bus
I love The Magic School Bus, the books AND the TV show.  Honestly, if there were a homeschooling curriculum based on the series, I think that's what we would do for kindergarten next year.  We have a couple of our own, and I just checked out The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, which the kids are loving!  We've been making sea urchins out of play dough and toothpicks, and they've been playing Magic School Bus all day long this week - for some reason I have to be Arnold, although sometimes John Paul takes a break from being Ralphie (the fat one?) and Phoebe (the girl who always talks about her old school) and he's Arnold.  For some reason he says Cecilia is either Wanda (the Asian one) or Dorothy Ann (the know-it-all)...
I picked this up on a whim from the library and am glad I did!  Cecilia and John Paul love to be told the classic fairy tales, but I get tired of it...  Cecilia loves the pictures, John Paul loves that it's a book, and I love how the words flow -
"Aaah," she sighed.
"Bravo!" she cried.
"That is my kind of chair!"
Nothing like books that are fun to read for adults and kids alike!
I'm still working on this one - it's a short, easy read but after I read chapter about how to deal with your choleric child, I had to stop because IT WAS MIND-BLOWING.  John Paul is perhaps the most choleric person there has ever been and I had NO idea, and our temperaments clash so very much that all the conflict we have makes SENSE now!  This was recommended to me by several people, and I'm really glad I've started reading it.
Whew!  I meant for that to be short, and then it actually ended up being 5 books, so I'll link up with Hallie's Five Favorites (hosted by Grace this week!) AND Jessica's What We're Reading Wednesday link up.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. I couldn't figure out what WWWW meant - did you mean WWRW?

  2. I have really been meaning to read those "temperament God gave you" books. They sound so fascinating!

  3. I actually think there might be homeschool curriculum based on Magic School Bus. Maybe not a whole curriculum, but a good part of it.

    1. Totally looking for it! They've got science kits, but that's all I've seen. I suppose it would be easy enough to use it as a basis for unit studies, but I'm putting off anything formal for as long as possible!

  4. I've heard in the past that The Magic Tree House books were really good. Do you think that would be a good book to read to children who don't know how to read yet?

    I still can't believe your son just turned four and can read so well and has been reading for so long!

  5. I loved #5 but want to re-read it again. I love that it's such a short, easy read!

  6. Great post!! Adding some of these to my "to-read/check out" list. And oh my goodness, I love the Magic School Bus! I can't wait til Michael is old enough to appreciate it.

    And #5!! I love all of the Bennett's temperament books; this is the only one I haven't read through yet. I have it on my Kindle. I was a little afraid I'd start trying to figure out Michael's temperament at 4 months old, so I put it aside for a bit. ;) Maybe I should pick it back up again. (Also, in case I had ANY doubts I was a melancholic/choleric ... this particular book+childhood memories put them to rest. lol.)

  7. What age kids does the book refer to? (The temperament one)Would it be good for me to read with a 2 1/2 year old?

  8. I do the same binge-reading when I find a new author I like! I'll have to add the temperaments book to my list. I was just thinking recently about finding one, and figuring out what each of us are.

  9. Magic School Bus!!! I had totally forgotten about those!!! St. Nicholas or John the Baptist will have to bring some in a few months!!!

    1. I know, I totally want more! They're pretty amazing, and I don't feel bad letting the kids watch it on Netflix!

  10. Rosie! Have you read The Temperament God Gave You? My husband and I read through it during a car ride once and I would easily put in on my top ten for most helpful books I've read (in improving our marriage). My husband is a full blown choleric and I'm predominantly melancholic. That books is crazy helpful in giving specific tips as I imagine the kid version is as well which is why I will now be reading it too (thanks!). For example, my personality type thinks a lot and we get overwhelmed because we do things to great depth. The book suggested to Paul that he help me take just the 1st step. Sounds simple but it helped us immensely. And instead of viewing my husband as pushy, forceful, or a steamroller (I hate to say it...but I felt that way sometimes), I can know see him as the quickly energetic and passionate leader that he is. Honestly, the book has helped me respect and love others much more easily for who they are. Wow. I've said way too much and I've barely scraped the iceberg. Awesome book!

  11. I love YA fiction, too. It's extra cool that I work in a library FULL of it! I'll have to look for some of those here.

  12. I really like #5 too. I saw a talk the Bennetts gave on the topic, and they are awesome.


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