7 Quick Takes - Free Camera Edition!

Friday, September 13, 2013


So BzzAgent sent us a free Playskool Showcam to review and it's a HUGE hit around the house!  I knew that John Paul would be enthralled, because it's something electronic and he always wants to help me take pictures with the real camera.

Prince John Paul couldn't find his manly cape, so he had to settle for Elizabeth's baby blanket.
Lest he become an addict, "camera time" is limited to no more than 30 minutes per day, and he must share it with Cecilia during that time, and he MAY NOT FUSS or whine when camera time is over or he will lose camera time for the next day.

And it's actually working great as a behavior modification tool!
But not just that - it's actually really fun!
The picture quality is kind of terrible, but I don't think you can expect much from a children's camera.  It's durable, holding up great even after being dropped several times.  It has this cool little projection mode so the kids can show us a slideshow of the pictures they've taken.
AND!  And and and!!!  You can add funny little mustaches, sunglasses, even little animations to the pictures!  If I had a cable, I would upload some of the pictures because they're even kind of hilarious to me...  See, John Paul will take a picture of my head on a chicken's body, and then the picture gets animated so the chicken lays an egg and the egg hatches and out pops a little baby chick with the face of whoever got their picture taken last.  And it's all kinds of funny to watch Mom-Chicken lay an egg that hatches into a Poodle-Chick hybrid.
Seriously, SO funny.
Anyway, it also eats batteries like nobody's business.  And is like, $50.  But if you've got parents/grandparents who like to buy expensive gifts for your kids, and you want your kids to keep their darned hands off our camera, I think this is a really fun gateway camera!
And now, since you read through all that, here are some pictures!

I really really love how they just sit on each other and have no concept of personal space.  It's just how it's always been, you know?


Her eyes are getting less and less blue but they still haven't settled on any particular color...


That little pursed mouth means she probably found a little bit of paper and is clamping her jaws shut so I don't try to retrieve it...


They have two toy strollers and a toy ride-on truck, so of course she had to take her floofy dog for a walk in a giant laundry basket.


Oh!  Cecilia breakthrough!

So she wakes up every morning with a bruise on her head because she insists on sleeping in the crack between her bed and the wall, which means she wedges her head into the wooden bedpost.

Well, before her nap today she pushed the bed too far away from the wall to comfortably wedge herself in the crack, and she very proudly showed me how she slept on her mattress (sideways, but I'll take what I can get), and then told me, "And my head didn't hurt when I waked up!!!"

So let's hope this becomes a trend!


Our AC is broken.  It's really really hot.  I'm probably done.

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  1. I needed these giggles today! Thank you!

    Ugh, broken AC is the worst. We had some rain here last night; maybe it'll come your way and cool you down a bit.

  2. Sorry about your AC, what a brutal week to lose it.
    Thanks for the cute kid pics!

  3. We have two kid cameras. One of them has games and the funny stamps you can add to pictures. The kids love it! I just wish they would find something to photograph besides rear ends!

  4. You are amazing with that discipline, I need to get back on board with that, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. That's great about Cecelia fixing her problem in her bed :)

    I hate it if my AC goes out. I don't mind the heat outside, but like to have a cool place to hang out inside.

  6. Cecelia is too funny! I'm sorry about your AC. I'm such a wimp when it gets crazy hot/humid that I've got all kinds of sympathy for you!

  7. Lucia needs that camera! I just put it on her Amazon wishlist - hello, birthday!


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