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Sunday, December 15, 2013

This was a hard one, but a fun one!  Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things started a link-up to highlight some of our posts from this past year.  This past year is when I actually started blogging for a larger audience than just my mom (although the blog is still named for her!), so it's interesting to go back and see which ones have gotten the most clicks and comments, and reflect on which ones I've enjoyed the most.  Soooo without overthinking it (which I am inclined to do!), here are my...

1.  Post with the most clicks:

It's a close race between 50 Reasons My Toddler Won't Nap (a funny one) and My Daddy (a sad one)

2.  Post with the most comments:

Another close race, this time between My Daddy and Awkward Conversations (in which I lament how strangers choose to express their feelings about our family size)

3.  Post with the best picture:

The eyebrows might be my favorite ever...

4.  Post that was hardest to write:

Probably Parts I, II, and III of John Paul's birth story - it was a pretty life-changing experience that left me with a lot of mixed feelings regarding childbirth, most of which have been resolved, partially because it really ended up being therapeutic writing it all out!

5.  Post that was your personal favorite (not your readers' favorite- your favorite)

Nursing Rules for Babies still makes me smile every time, because it's 100% true, no matter which baby I'm thinking about!

I'm really looking forward to spending time perusing everyone else's posts!  Check out more at Amongst Lovely Things!


  1. Bahahaha, the eyebrows just made my day (clicking over to that post I could relate since my husband is gone for two weeks straight right now - thank goodness for 5:30 bedtimes, but some eyebrows would definitely add a little something to our week...)

  2. Oh my goodness, that eyebrow picture is awesome! I clicked over to the original post and there were MORE pictures of her with the fake eyebrows. Best thing I have read all night. Thank you! (Hopped on over from Sarah's link-up).

  3. Oh my, those eyebrows are hilarious. And the 50 reasons? I remember those. You said a week, but I bet she could just about use them all in a day. I know mine could.

  4. Somehow I missed the eyebrows when you posted them originally. Hee!!! I love it! And I really enjoy pretty much everything you write. :)

  5. Those eyebrows make Elizabeth look like a tiny supervillain in larval form.

  6. Love all your posts, went and read them:) Eyebrows crack me up too.

  7. What about Cecilia's reasons for not napping! That one hit pretty close to home for me!!!


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