WIWS: On the Fifth Day of Christmas We Tested Our Luck...

Monday, December 30, 2013

Want to know what happens when we have ONE decent Mass with all four kids?
That's right.  I get cocky.
Our 45-minute music-free 8:30 AM Mass went swimmingly on Christmas Day, so we foolishly thought that since the big kids slept in, we'd try the 9 AM at our old parish. 
Bad. Move.
New church for the babies + music (making Mass MUCH longer than they're used to) + memories (for the big kids) of past misbehavior encouraging MORE misbehavior = BAD BAD BAD times.
Soooo maybe we'll just stick to taking all 4 kids together once a month or so? 

Here's what I wore, in one out-of-focus shot and one lopsided shot!  Perhaps I should have asked for a tripod for Christmas...  Also, that picture convinced me it was time to cut my bangs today...

The princess of all things adorable wore last year's Christmas dress and wouldn't cooperate for nice pictures...
And John Paul wore last year's Christmas shirt and sweater vest. 
Elizabeth is in Cecilia's Christmas dress from 2011...

And Mary Claire wore one of the few items of clothing the babies have that ISN'T a hand-me-down!
Thank goodness they're so cute, or we would have left them at church to fend for themselves :P
I'm thinking I'll make tomorrow's link-up a "Best of" post - find your favorite quotes and/or photos from 2013 and link them up!
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  1. I can't imagine!! So far our twins still just sleep through Mass, although our usual place doesn't have room for us to bring them in their carseats and we have to hold them, which is a challenge ... as long as Michael behaves we're good. I try not to think of what it will be like once they stay awake!

  2. My twins also mostly sleep through Mass at 4mo. We each wear one- husband in a pikkolo and me in a ring sling. He can haul the 3yo out while wearing a baby and I can stay with the 5yo. Once we have to take babies out, he'll probably take them both- wear one and carry one. Or we'll start sitting with godparents

    1. I miss those days! When ours started getting more verbal and mobile, it was a constant struggle because we had to take Cecilia out almost every Mass, and then we needed to start taking both babies out... Plus they didn't want to be worn and would start screaming as soon as we held still! I'm glad you all have godparents to help - I think if we had one more adult it would be fine because the big kids are pretty good now, but the babies seem to want to make a break for it AND yell as loudly as possible, which makes the big kids think they can do whatever they want if nobody's attending them...

  3. I love your outfit! So cute.

    Also, I feel you on the Mass thing. We've tried so many different Mass times and we've found that the earlier we go the better they are, the later the Mass time the worse their behavior gets. At this point we're up and out by 6:40am so we can attend the 7am Mass. We sit in the front row and all five of our kids do really well for the most part. But I really wish we could attend a later service, for the sake of sleeping in. I guess that's what Sunday afternoon naps are for! :)

  4. We have given up on the "perfect" Mass. Christmas was a zoo. The boy just wants to run and then when you take him in the back, all I hear is "mama mama mama mama" - he is too strong for me to take him though! The girl just wants to talk and wiggle and then falls so cries. Yeah, that's Mass with the littles. C'est la vie! We are splitting us some Masses for now though. I'm thinking maybe in six months we will be back to full family participation? Love the outfit, btw - color combo is gorgeous!

    1. I think once that oldest kid is ready to set a good example, it's a LOT easier. John Paul and Cecilia have made huge strides since I started taking them by myself, and I think not having that distracting sibling (the twins, in our case) to feed the crazy really makes a difference! Hopefully splitting up works for you guys :)


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