7 Quick Takes: Because My Sister Will Have My Head if I Don't

Friday, May 2, 2014

You know what I'd rather be doing than writing these?  Finishing up Jennifer Fulwiler's book.  Really really really.

Something Other Than God

She's running a bunch of HUGE giveaways to celebrate the release, so you should go buy a copy!  I preordered mine and got it yesterday and love it!  And guess what?  I was hoping to be able to use Amazon Affiliate credit to purchase my copy, and right before my birthday I got an email with almost exactly the book price in Amazon credit, thanks to a couple months' worth of Amazon Affiliate credit.  Thank you all SO much for shopping through my page!!!  The link above is an affiliate link too, so if you want to buy aaaanything and click through that link, I get a tiny percentage and it really adds up sometimes!

Anyway, the book.  It's awesome.  And I stayed up WAY later than I meant to last night just to read "one more chapter" approximately 10 times...  And I want to read more now!

But my sister emailed me with a little passive-aggressive "excited to read your quick takes!" so, well, I have to...  But they're going to be QUICK, because the babies are napping and I need to shower!


Elizabeth brought "Beauty and the Beast" to me, and opened to the first page:

"Mawwy!  Jee-us!"

Um no kid, not every stained glass picture is Catholic...  But in her world, I suppose they all are!


This should have bought me more time than it did:

Water pouring is a perennial favorite, but then John Paul found an old hidden toy that had run out of batteries, so now that's what's buying me blogging time...

Nobody does bedhead like this kid.


And speaking of this kid?

One. Hot. Mess.  

All writing implements have been banned from their bedroom, because John Paul has shown that he thinks it's appropriate to draw on walls, furniture, whatever he wants.  Cecilia's dresser still says "Massachusetts" on it from his last escapade.  

Apparently though, he found a rogue crayon that had made its way into their bedroom, and drew this as "a warning to Cecilia."

Just to give you an idea of scale...  That's prooooobably a 3-foot mural, and there's more on the wall behind the bottom bunk.

So I'm gonna link it up with Blythe, because you better believe this is one hot mess.


His punishment?  No book in bed, and he doesn't get to nap in his room today (guest room instead, which he hates because it means he doesn't get to play with Cecilia instead of sleeping).

And the punishment was FAR worse for us, because he decided to come downstairs to our bedroom at midnight because...  I can't even remember, he needed something?  Maybe a book...  Andrew took care of that one.

And then at 3 am he came down AGAIN, because he needed to go to the bathroom.  

Mind you, he had to PASS a bathroom in order to get to our room.  And he has used the bathroom by himself in the middle of the night MANY times.

So I took him back upstairs, but he didn't want to sleep in his bed because "That wouldn't make me feel better!"

So I left him on the couch for a minute because Cecilia needed to use the potty.  And then he was ready to go back to bed, where he snuggled up to his giant Elmo doll (who has actually been helping keep him in his bed most nights, thank goodness) with his face rubbed up against the book he had gotten.

Cecilia giggled, "We can't use milk to write!!!"

And they both went back to sleep.  Lovely.


Losing steam...

This week's blog posts:


Sometimes I don't write Quick Takes because I waste all my time reading everyone else's Quick Takes...


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